Sunday, January 13, 2008

So now we have a blah, blah, blog

Good evening webernet,

So if you are reading this, then you are one of the many people who now know we have a blog. Yes, under the immense pressure put upon us from the general media (i.e. no one inparticular), we have decided to begin to document our lives in internet posting form for others to view. May you laugh, cry, be entertained, educated, enlightened or at least don't think that you have wasted your time in reading any of our posts.

As I have a bad habit of getting entirely too wordy and "soapboxy" (I'm not sure that is a word, but Amelia assures me it is what I do). I will try to keep things here to the point, whatever that point may be. As the point here is introduction, allow me to introduce the "cast" as it were.


and me (Tony)

Now that you know the players (or at least what they look like), hopefully we can put something here that is interesting enough for you all to check it again. May hijinks ensue and not get us sued.


Mom and Dad said...

As much as you might not want to do this, it is fun for me to visit with your happenings. When I feel out of touch I go to the blog and giggle. Let it be known, that this parent loves a blog to watch and look forward to.
We love T&A......and Buster too.

monanne said...


I am sorry to hear about your grandmother. I practically cried when I read your blog. I didn't know her too well, but she was always kind to me and I always enjoyed talking with her. I hope that you and Tony are well. It's a shame that we haven't made time to get with one another seeing as how we live so close. I am having surgery again on March 3rd and I'll keep you posted on how everything turns out. I have so much to tell you but I wouldn't even know where to begin. I hope all is well and I love you and miss you tons.