Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Photo Extravaganza Part 2 (Mexico)

My skin is peeling, but the tan is holding.  Here are some photos from our awesome trip:


vacation   034

This is the view from the hotel our first night (Ixtapa).  Also, here:

vacation   035


vacation   036

Tony on the private beach in front of the hotel.  And me:

vacation   038

Ixtapa had the most fantastic sunset.  The rest of the trip, we weren’t oriented well (the Zihuatenejo beach faced south, and there were cliffs to the west hiding the sunsets) for sunset viewing, so I’m glad we got a good one on the first day.

vacation   037


vacation   039

This was our room, complete with Swan-Heart-Towel Sculpture


vacation   041 

We faced the ocean and had a room overlooking the pool.

vacation   046

On the bike ride, before Tony ate pavement.

vacation   049

The crocodiles were stinky, and a totally anticlimactic end to the bike ride.



vacation   050

Sunset on the balcony

vacation   052

vacation   054



vacation   055

On the way to Las Gatas beach (in the water taxi)


vacation   062

At Playa Las Gatas (Tony’s in the water)


vacation   063

There was much sleeping in the sun.

vacation   067

Soaking it up on the last day.


We can’t thank our parents enough for taking care of Charles so we could go on this trip.  He’s not teething anymore, so maybe the next time will be better for the grandparents.  You know, if they’re even willing to have a next time.

Photo Extravaganza Part 1

Our computer died, then was resurrected, then it died again, and now it’s back, but I don’t trust it.  Also, it managed to pass a disease to our external hard drive.  Which died.  And has not, as yet, come back from the dead.  So, I might have permanently lost all photos taken during Charles’ first year of life.  Hooray for me!


Anyhow, to make a long story about why we haven’t posted in ages short, we have been busy and I haven’t trusted any computer enough to upload photos from my camera.  So now they are on a thumb drive and my work computer.  And now here!  The following are from before our vacation to Mexico:


vacation   002

The Monkey himself, eating Mac N Cheese


vacation   004

Hats!  For Everyone!

vacation   020


vacation   007

vacation   013

PBJ, so good!


vacation   014


vacation   015 … because Milk is sometimes a private thing.


vacation   018

Naked Pre-Bedtime Climbing Club (1 current member)


vacation   026

Tantrums.  We experience them a lot.  And we laugh.


vacation   031

vacation   033

Yardwork is tough, but somebody’s got to do it.

Friday, May 14, 2010


Mi amigos, I am writing from Zihuatanejo, Mexico. Zihuatanejo is situated in a bay and is primarily a fishing village aside from a tourist destination. I’ve been quite impressed with the amount of fishing done right in front of our resort, just a few hundred yards from shore. However, I never really got the urge to go fishing. The prices for things are relatively similar to those in the States, which surprised us a little. We expected prices to be much lower. It appeared to me that the only thing less expensive than at home was the alcohol. We are leaving tomorrow after being gone for a week and are very much ready to do so. No pictures yet, as we did not bring the cable, but they will be forthcoming.

I don’t think we had ever truly needed a vacation before this point. We had discussed/worried that we may get bored, but that was not really the case. We came to the conclusion that up until now, we had searched for adventure and new experiences in our various travels. In the time leading up to our departure on this trip, we did little to no research of the area, which is quite a change from earlier trips. This trip was simply for relaxation and has been a success in that respect. Until Wednesday (our fifth day here), we were perfectly content to hang by the pool and read a book or take a walk on the beach.

On Wednesday, we took a bike ride to see crocodiles, which we thought would be kind of interesting. It was overwhelmingly underwhelming. The only notable part of the trip was when I went over the handlebars while trying to wipe the sweat from my face. I escaped relatively unharmed with only a small bruise on my shin, but Amelia turned around to see me about half-maneuver. I’m sure it looked a lot worse than it was.

Yesterday, we met some friends we had seen on the plane at Playa Las Gatas (cat beach) and sat in lounge chairs at the edge of the surf. This is the type of place where all you have to do is put out your hand and a drink or food will be put into it. There was a deaf man there who gave me probably the best massage I’ve ever had and for less than $30 (half of normal, even for here). Unfortunately, the drinks were about the strongest I’ve ever experienced and due to the combination of that and great conversation with our friends, we forgot to reapply sunscreen as often as we should have. As a result, we spent all day today nursing sunburns.

We will arrive in Seattle sometime around midnight tomorrow and are very anxious to get home. No amount of thanks could adequately express our gratitude to our parents who made the time to take care of Charlie while we are gone.

Adios, Antonio.