Wednesday, December 16, 2009

High-Speed Life

I’m beginning to see a trend in 75% of the photos I take of Charles: they’re out of focus.  The boy moves so fast that I can hardly get my camera to focus on him doing something.  Compounding this phenomenon is the fact that Charles thinks the camera is some kind of magical being stuck to my hand and he wants to eat it.  The instant he hears it click or sees a flash, he turns and toddler-waddles over to it, arms outstretched, ready to grab the machine from my hands.  I get a lot of photos like this:

December 6 002

Also, like this:

December 16 024

Part of the problem, of course, is that I have an auto-focus digital camera.  While they are a revolution in photo-taking, both inexpensive and easy-to-use, they are not instantaneous.  Someday I will spend the thousands it takes to get a large, awesome camera.  Until then, I will have a lot of in-motion, not-looking-at-you-anymore photos.

December 6 027

Sometimes, though, I get gems.  Behold:

December 16 003

Charles really wanted to help push his buddy Ethan on the scooter, so Ethan ended up the engine of the train.  Don’t tell DeAnna, but I think she’s the caboose.

They are cute, aren’t they?  Ethan is 3 months younger.

December 16 005

The scooter is a big hit.  I think we might have to buy our own before we give this one back to the Landons.

December 16 011

Tony was pretty proud of Charles’ Mohawk:

December 16 017

December 16 015

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Be Jolly

The lights are up and the Christmas tree is in place and we're ready! Charles found the Christmas tree to be a new treasure trove of playthings (though all the heavy/precious ornaments are hung high). His fascination began with the bells on the lower branches:

It's COOOOOLD here. Everything is frozen. Now, we're just waiting on the sn0w... Monday's the day, I hear.
Charles tried on Uncle Brandon's size 14s this week... a little large.
Also, this is something he does every morning after breakfast:
He goes to the cupboard and pulls out the bag of goldfish and snacks. He can be seen here watching the dog gallivant around the frozen backyard.

I hope that brought a bit of Christmas cheer to your life! We are sure starting to feel it around here...