Friday, February 22, 2008

The Great Kitchen Remodel, Part 1

Don't ask me how many parts there will be, I don't know. I do know that we have BIG PLANS for our kitchen area, and when it is all finished, SERENITY WILL REIGN. (As I think about it, serenity probably would never do anything so forceful as reign, but that's neither here nor there.) There will be light. And a surface on which to put things, like food, or a vase. And there will be more cupboard space.

But for now, there are only updated appliances and colors that do not yet match the house:

As you can see, we bought new, stainless appliances. AND I PAINTED THINGS CRAZY COLORS. But I like them, so poo on you. Apparently, no one else does. Although Tony indulges me and says things like, "it's your kitchen." Which is ever so true. Plus, I keep pointing out to everyone, including myself (yes, I can see that nothing matches right now, but I have a vision, okay?), that the countertops and the sink and the linoleum will all be replaced in due time with something better. That's part 2.

Part 3 is where we rip out the wall that is opposite the counters in the photograph. We will add an island with improved storage space and that will allow light from the kitchen to filter through to the living room, which currently has a dungeon-esque feel to it.

And then, if the colors still look wonky, I will repaint. I really like the blue, and I love the combination of blue and green, but the green I chose pulls out all the yellow in the wood and the linoleum and the counter and the sink. If that doesn't change when those other things are replaced, I will likely choose a sage green and repaint.

In other news, we are also working on our back yard. Here is Tony with what I like to call "the testosterone launcher":

Which is really just a stump grinder, rented for that express purpose. But Tony was giddy and felt all manly for like, a week afterwards, funny guy. Buster whined, and did not think it was cool that Tony had a big machine that shot cedar chips forty feet in the air and he DID NOT get to play with it. I can only imagine how I would explain to my boss that I had to take the day off to clean up ground remains of my lovable pooch from the backyard.

Here's a little Buster love to assure you that he is still alive:

And still possessed, of course.


beachdogs said...

I really like the blue, too, Amelia. It's going to be interesting to see what happens to the green when you color block counters and floors; you might be able to keep it bright but just go to a hue with a tad more blue in it... Isn't color fun!? Hey, I love the blog title. Thanks for lettin' us in on your corner of cyberspace! K (&K &K &P)

Mom and Dad said...

The colors are bright and remember you have to live with it. Others come and go. It it makes you smile when you walk in, wonderful!! That's how I feel about the kid's bathroom. I am sure it will be fantastic. Enjoy the journey!

Sarah said...

Looks awesome. The blue is similar to what we've got in our kitchen. The green not so much, but it's fun, so what the heck. The new appliances look very fancy shmancy. I can't wait to see how everything progresses. Props to you guys in taking initiative and doing it now instead of later. :)

jeanne-marie said...

le blog est super, on a l'impression d'être plus près de vous (c'est le but n'est ce pas?) En tout ca la cuisine est très jolie et j'aime la couleur verte. Quand à Tony il est pret à venir aider Alain car nous avons la haie de thuyas au fond du jardin à arracher très vite (on t'attends ....)Continuez comme ça vous êtes bien partis. A et J.M