Sunday, March 30, 2008

Buster Boo Boo

I am psychic. I woke up this morning singing "Winter Wonderland" and then, when I walked downstairs to let Buster outside, I saw this:
Rad, huh? I mean, it's March 30, for goodness' sake!

We've had a bit of excitement in our lives over the past week... On Monday night, I noticed that Buster was tracking blood all over the house (for a video of a funny kid freaking out about blood, click here), so I inspected his paws. Poor little guy had ripped off a toenail! Dogs' toenails are round, and so is the nail bed, so now it looks like he just has a bloody, red nail instead of the usual black.
I managed to stop the bleeding, but the next morning it was back in full force, so I took him to the vet. The vet said, and I quote, "There were a lot of teeth, so we had to sedate him." Awesome to know that my dog is the patient from hell. Later, after they had clipped and bandaged him, he got so upset that he made a mess and then stepped in it, so the vet had to put on an entirely new bandage. When I got him home, he smelled awful (he seemed to have rolled a bit in his own mess, as well) and he was all loopy. Doggy on drugs! He made to run up the stairs, but his legs didn't go as fast as his head, so he just ran right into them! It was very funny.
He managed to chew off the bandage after one day, and though I have rebandaged his foot several times, he's having nothing to do with it.
He would rather play with his giant snake. I think that if Buster were released into the Amazon, he would kill lots of snakes, he is really getting to be good at it!

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Mom and Dad said...

See, you knew just what to do. I wouldn't have known to look at his paws and known that his claws were supposed to be black. Poor thing. HOpe all is better. Good job. What a pretty site out your door. It was pretty amazing in Ilwaco but more slushy than anything. Course, it is sunny here in Anaheim and a little windy. Did rain last night, but only a barely discernible sprinkle today on the way to the convention center. See ya soon. Love ya