Monday, May 11, 2009

Baby Stats*

Wowee! We've been busy. As you saw below (in the last post, which was about world peace and getting more fiber in your diet. Or karaoke, I can't remember), Thursday was a busy night. Then, I had to get up early to take Mister Charles to get shot. I mean, shots. Vaccinated. Geez. To him it probably felt like getting shot.
He weighs a whopping TWENTY-ONE POUNDS. Which is more than some one-year-olds I know. He is also twenty-eight inches long. Totally respectable.
He is back to consuming everything in the house that I am willing to mash up for him, as well as gross amounts of breastmilk. Also, he clearly loves the Mariners:

We had a bit of sun over the weekend, so we mowed the lawn twice (yes, twice) and played in the yard quite a bit. We had a dinner party on Saturday with Vesna Pulko, in from Minnesota (for those in the know, that is Jernej's sister) and generally had a good time.

Our neighbors are some of the most generous people I have ever met, and they not only gave us the exersaucer pictured above, but also recently passed on a Johnny Jump-Up, now a new favorite of Charles':
AND, I had a wonderful first Mother's Day. Charles and I went to church, where I got chocolates, just for having given birth. (This is quite the racket we moms have going on. I think I will milk it for all the chocolate it is worth.) Well, maybe I do a lot of housework and child rearing and stuff, too. Then, Charles got me baby roses (since he's a baby) and a card, and Tony got me a card. We did yard work, Tony watched Charles while I got a chance to do some much-needed weeding and mowing, and then we all went on a run. It was an exhausting, but fun, day. Happy mother's day to all you moms out there!
Also, happy birthday, Loris! We love you sooooo much!
*Not a class on statistics for babies. Rather, this baby's statistics.

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Mom and Dad said...

What a wonderful weekend!! I am so happy Charles loves his Mariner's outfit and his Johnny Jump up. That was Tony's favorite thing too. I loved it as well. Joe thinks it was a great precursor to his walking. Remember the sooner he walks, the sooner your back feels better. Not that holding him isn't the best, but wow what a cool thing. Then you begin the chasing.
Thanks for the birthday wishes, it has been a fun week. I have a terrific family and had dinner with your mom and dad for Mother's Day. Great fun.Love you too