Sunday, December 6, 2009

Be Jolly

The lights are up and the Christmas tree is in place and we're ready! Charles found the Christmas tree to be a new treasure trove of playthings (though all the heavy/precious ornaments are hung high). His fascination began with the bells on the lower branches:

It's COOOOOLD here. Everything is frozen. Now, we're just waiting on the sn0w... Monday's the day, I hear.
Charles tried on Uncle Brandon's size 14s this week... a little large.
Also, this is something he does every morning after breakfast:
He goes to the cupboard and pulls out the bag of goldfish and snacks. He can be seen here watching the dog gallivant around the frozen backyard.

I hope that brought a bit of Christmas cheer to your life! We are sure starting to feel it around here...


Mom and Dad said...

Wow, he has great fine motor skills!! ringing the bells, that is amazing. I love his rolling wrists. Guess we know what keeps his interest. That permanent smile is precious. Glad to see you are ahead of us with the tree. Hope this week to get one. Looked like it was much colder there than here. Be careful. Love ya

Sarah said...

It's pretty cold here too. Glad to see Charles is getting into the Christmas spirit. Claire seems to have no recollection of past Christmas trees, so just think, he gets to discover all of those ornaments anew next year too!

Edy Obed said...

Hola, paz y bien, bonito bebe!