Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Photo Extravaganza Part 2 (Mexico)

My skin is peeling, but the tan is holding.  Here are some photos from our awesome trip:


vacation   034

This is the view from the hotel our first night (Ixtapa).  Also, here:

vacation   035


vacation   036

Tony on the private beach in front of the hotel.  And me:

vacation   038

Ixtapa had the most fantastic sunset.  The rest of the trip, we weren’t oriented well (the Zihuatenejo beach faced south, and there were cliffs to the west hiding the sunsets) for sunset viewing, so I’m glad we got a good one on the first day.

vacation   037


vacation   039

This was our room, complete with Swan-Heart-Towel Sculpture


vacation   041 

We faced the ocean and had a room overlooking the pool.

vacation   046

On the bike ride, before Tony ate pavement.

vacation   049

The crocodiles were stinky, and a totally anticlimactic end to the bike ride.



vacation   050

Sunset on the balcony

vacation   052

vacation   054



vacation   055

On the way to Las Gatas beach (in the water taxi)


vacation   062

At Playa Las Gatas (Tony’s in the water)


vacation   063

There was much sleeping in the sun.

vacation   067

Soaking it up on the last day.


We can’t thank our parents enough for taking care of Charles so we could go on this trip.  He’s not teething anymore, so maybe the next time will be better for the grandparents.  You know, if they’re even willing to have a next time.

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Mom and Dad said...

Beautiful pictures especially of the parents of that fine young man. You look like you had a great time and that is important.