Thursday, October 7, 2010

Beautiful Washington

I have seen a lot of the world, and every place has its own beauty.  But I think I would be hard pressed to find a more beautiful, more spectacular place than Western Washington.  Beaches, mountains, valleys… we really have it all.


Sometimes, I wish I lived back in Long Beach.  It sure is nice to have a great excuse to visit every couple of months, though.


October 2010 012



October 2010 009


October 2010 017


October 2010 025



On an equally fantastic note, I ran that 10k.  And I mean, I really ran it.  The whole thing.  Without stopping.  My time was 62 minutes.  Now I know that many of you can do much better than that, but let’s remember that I am quite chubby and have very little time to train.  So I’m calling this a win.  Even if no one was there to see me finish.


October 2010 004

Perhaps that was better, though, because the sweat had mostly dried by the time Charles got there for his hug.


jeanne-marie said...

Les photos sont magnifiques. Face au Pacifique ou ici face à l'Atlantique quand il n'y a personne sur la plage c'est génial. Mais que Charles est grand maintenant!

Amelia said...

Oui, il pousse bien, il a déjà un mètre!

Sarah said...

I think 62 minutes is pretty freakin awesome. Especially considering that you had to run up that huge incline on the bridge. Well done!

Mom and Dad said...

She was awesome!!!! And she didn't look very winded either. Found pics of the run too. Was beautiful weather and just a bit too warm, but great. Those pictures were so amazing. Glad you didn't share the mistake we grandmas, or rather just me, made in judging the surf line and lost Charles' cap in the water.....

K Schimmy said...

Good for you! I have heard from many a runner that the top span of the bridge is a killer! Kudos.

I agree about the beach. It's a good place. :)