Monday, December 5, 2011

Can I Open It, Pleeeeeease?

A package just arrived in the mail.  A big package.  A package that I did not order.  It is not addressed to me. 


But still.


I want to open it.  I want to OPEN IT NOW. 


I love Christmas for a lot of different reasons – and not one of those reasons is “getting presents.”  But one of those reasons is “receiving mail.”  It doesn’t matter to me if I am the one who ordered the contents of the package, or that the contents are a gift for someone else, I love mail.  I love opening mail.  Letters, boxes, magazines, catalogs.  Oh, this time of year is so awesome for all the mail it brings.


Hmm, I should probably get to work on my Christmas cards, send a bit of mail myself.




Wanna see my little piglet?  He is such a squealer!



Okay, okay, here are some more adorable photos:

December 008

December 009

December 032

December 002


Jennifer L. said...

So funny! I'm the same way about mail. I just ordered a new vacuum and was way too excited when it was delivered today (not mentioning my vacuum fetish here...). It's very difficult for me to not open Christmas cards that are addressed to my husband! I order so many things online to ensure that we're constantly receiving packages in the mail (okay, so it's really because we live so far from civilization that I have to order everything if I don't want to spend all day in the car). I also think that a letter received through the mail is far more valuable than an email. There's something about holding a physical piece of paper that someone actually wrote on.

Your boys are so freaking adorable! I thought that I produced the most beautiful baby boys, but you're certainly a rival for that title!

Mom and Dad said...

I agree they are very adorable and so smiley. It was a pleasure to see them again and spend time holding both of them.