Friday, April 6, 2012

What Time is It? TAX TIME.

No matter how you slice it, tax season is tough.  Tony works a LOT.  He’s working less now and seems happier than ever before, but still, the boys and I are alone large chunks of time when Tony was home before. 


Tony’s absence affects us all differently.  For me, I feel the brunt of the effects of Charles and Jamie, in addition to my own loneliness or sometimes feeling like a martyr for all I do to keep things going.  What am I sacrificing?  My sanity.


Tony now has a tough time calming Jamie in the middle of the night.  Whereas before, Tony could get him back to sleep, now I just don’t even wake Tony up to take care of him a good chunk of the time because he’ll go back to sleep for me, but not for Tony.


Charles is acting out like crazy.  He is throwing more tantrums than usual and doesn’t want to be comforted by Tony, only by me.  It’s double duty for mom.


My method to staving off madness?  Stay busy.


In the past few months, we have traveled and we have visited.  We have worked out and gotten out and seen and done things.  We play and we play and we play. 


And what do you know?  Tax season is almost over and it has flown by.  Of course, these next couple of weeks might last forever.


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Jennifer L. said...

I feel so guilty after reading your post! For our household the opposite is true. I'm gone all the time and my husband is the one who gets up during the night (every single night) to take care of the baby AND has to take days off of work so he can watch all the kids when I'm gone from before sunrise until after sunset. I only have ten more weeks of insanity and I'm sure he feels the same way you do. Being gone all the time isn't easy by any means, but I think it's actually way harder to stay home with the kids. You are incredible for keeping an upbeat attitude and making the most of your single-parenting time by keeping busy.

I missed reading your blog for about the past month! Please don't go so long between posts because you're my favorite blogger and I need to read well-written, fun posts more often!

Mom and Dad said...

I too think staying busy is a great strategy to make time go by better. Course like Jennifer, i was the one gone most of the time. Nighttime will be better. In our house, whoever got up later in the morning got up in the middle of the night. So in that, we shared the routine. Tony will get his time. Looking forward to seeing you all soon. Great pictures.

Amelia said...

Thanks, Jennifer! This time of year it is really hard for me to sit down in front of the computer for even five minutes, but that's soon over. I'll keep posting, I promise!