Friday, May 11, 2012

Of Sleep and Three

We all our have our parental battles to face, and I don’t for a minute think that mine are any worse than anyone else’s.  In fact, I know they’re, in many ways, so much easier.  My kids are healthy and “normal” (i.e., no health issues, no mental health issues, etc) and they are developing at the usual rate.  They are big and happy and bring joy into the lives of us and their grandparents.  I love them both x infinity.


My three-year-old is a little jerk sometimes, but I think it’s only because he is three.  I mean, God, that boy is annoying.  I kid you not, I can’t get anything done around the house, I can’t even walk into the house from the car because of some way that Charles wants to help or wants me to do it differently.  For example, “No! No! No! No!  Mommy, Iiiiii wanted to open to door!”  (throws himself on the ground, kicks, screams, flails about).  Listen, kiddo, if I waited for you to open the door every time I needed to get someplace, I would never get anywhere.  Also, this: “Charles, put your shoes on.”  A few moments pass.  “CHARLES.  Put your shoes on.”  Another few moments pass.  “CHARLES.  What did I ask you to do?”  “Umm, go potty?”  Geez.


Anyhow, that’s nothing new.  Anyone who’s ever had a three-year-old in the history of ever knows what it’s like.  It takes forever to do things and your patience runs out midmorning if you’re lucky enough to make it that long and you are always walking the line between being a parent with fun activities and teachable moments and cuddling, and sending everyone to their rooms for ever and ever amen.


No, the burden that Tony and I have to bear as parents is one of children who don’t sleep.  Neither of them.  They fight going to bed and then they wake up all night long.  Then they get up early.  Way early.  So early I’m not even sure if sensible people can call it “day” yet. 


I wonder, these days, what I’d look like without these black circles under my eyes.  I wonder what it feels like to get 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep.  I wonder how much more I can take.


Lack of sleep ruins everything.  It will ruin your love life.  It will ruin your work life.  It will cause you to gaze lovingly at your bed on a sunny day when any person in his or her right mind is outside enjoying the advent of spring.


And it sure as hell makes it tougher to deal with a three-year-old. 


Jennifer L. said...

Happy Mother's Day!
My youngest had the good sense to sleep reasonably well last night (I'll take that as a gift any day!), as in only waking up a few times, so I feel closer to a normal person on this lovely day! However, I absolutely can relate to your lack of sleep! My older kids still refuse to sleep in at all! 6am is not a fun time to wake up on the weekends! However, like you mine are perfectly healthy and energetic, so I can't really complain.....but I certainly still do! The youngest likes to wait until 10pm to go to bed, if we're lucky, and then I always have to get up before the crack of dawn for school. Can't imagine how incredible it would be to wake up refreshed in the morning instead of cursing the alarm clock. I keep thinking that as they get older they'll want to sleep more, but so far this isn't the case. I don't think they understand how much they would benefit by letting us sleep more. We'd be such nicer, more sane people! Best of luck to you!

Amelia said...

I relish the thought of making them wake up early on the weekends when they are teenagers... "Who wants pancakes! Mwah ha ha ha!" It's sometimes the only thing that keeps me going: the thought of revenge :-)