Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Lucky Number Seven

Except you don’t really need luck, you just need patience and shared interests and a sense of humor.  Fortunately, after all this time, I can say that our relationship is intact.  Perhaps better than before?  Better than last year?


So many changes since our last anniversary: growing kids, a different job, fatigue buildup.  Overall, life is better now than it was a year ago, better than it was seven years ago, when we were just bright-eyed kids who were hoping we had what it takes to do the “thick and thin” thing.  We’ve been through thick and thin now, and I think we’re both still happy.


I woke up yesterday morning imagining what my life would be like without that man sleeping next to me.  Without him, where would I be?  What would I be doing?  It was a tough exercise – it’s difficult to imagine away two children and a dog and house and seven plus years of experiences.  Conclusion: Tony is it.  He was it for me seven years ago and he’s still it for me now.


And then, after a long day of work, he took me out to dinner and a movie.  We dined, we drank, we walked to the theater.  We laughed, we got too loud in the bar, we were the only ones at the movie so we kept our cell phones on and Googled actors when we couldn’t come up with their names… in short, we had a great time.  I sincerely wish we could do it more often.


To us!



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Jennifer L. said...

Congratulations on seven happy years!