Friday, October 19, 2012

Spirit of Christmas

It’s about this time of year that I begin to seriously think about holiday gifts.


Oh, I know that Christmas is still two months away, but I like to get a head start.  For one thing, I LOVE gift giving.  The whole process of thinking about other people, searching out ideas for gifts in multiple categories that jive with their personality, shopping, and wrapping – it all excites me.  For another, I don’t have much time or money, so I like to narrow down the list of potential gift recipients from, you know, EVERYBODY I HAVE EVER MET EVER to… my family.  And a few close friends.  Finally, Charles birthday and Tony’s birthday (and now Juliet’s birthday!  Happy birthday, new baby niece!) fall late in the year, so I am already thinking of birthday gifts for them.


We are, due to Christmas falling in the middle of the week and both Tony and I having restrictive work schedules, holding Christmas at our house this year.  If the weather’s bad, no one will come.  My in-laws might not make it anyway because my mother-in-law might have to work as well and my parents won’t want to drive in the snow because my dad likes to wear his tires down to bald, so even though they have 4-wheel-drive, sliding and spinning out are real possibilities for them.  So Christmas gifting is turning into a mostly-about-the-kids affair, which is fine by me.  I’ll focus on getting one good photo of the kids for the photo album and making delicious food, and they’ll focus on tearing into presents and eating delicious food.


-Aside: this will be the first year we’ll get to attend the candlelight Christmas Eve service at our church, and I’m kinda excited about that!-


So, what am I getting the kids?  Well, Charles’ Grandma Jane and Grandpa Roger got him an air popcorn maker for his birthday, which is awesome for me, as now I will get to make popcorn balls for Christmas.  I got him this game for his birthday:



which I think will also be fun for Jamie.


I won’t tell you what I am getting Tony for his birthday or Christmas because he can read.  But the kids can’t, so I’ll continue with them.


I’d like to get them more books for Christmas, and probably will.  Shopping for books is so much fun and there are so many good ones out there.  Charles recently received this book from his Grandpa Roger, since his grandparents can’t be here for his birthday, and he loves it so much already.  I’d like to also order some Look and Find books for him, like this one:




Charles got a similar one from his Great-Aunt Lisa for Christmas last year and he still loves it.  Any other kid book suggestions from my booky friends?


I’m planning to get these cars for Jamie for Christmas:






Jamie could use some more clothing, as he’s still in a size (18 months) that Charles breezed through, so I don’t have as many hand-me-downs as one would think.  Once we reach size 2T, I have so, so many clothes for him that we might never have to buy more, but until then, I get to go baby-boy-clothing shopping, something that is always loads of fun.  I just wish I had a shopping buddy, you know?  It’s never as fun alone, especially since I can never seem to pull myself away for longer than an hour.  But!  There are many hours between now and Christmas, so I’ll make it!


What do YOU want for Christmas?  No, I really want to know.  What are you getting your spouse/children/dog?  Tell me, please, I love to ponder gift ideas.


Jennifer L. said...

I haven't quite gotten my Christmas list together, but my baby is turning two next weekend and this is the best gift so far that he's getting:{keyword}

I wish my husband would read your blog because he's getting me a house-trained shih tzu.....but he needs someone to remind him to get one for me! I would love to, in return, surprise him with a yellow lab puppy, but I'm not sure I can handle all the kids AND a destructive puppy, hence why a dog is a more realistic pet.

I would love to get my older kids a trampoline, but I've heard too many horror stories and my boys are very 'energetic,' so that, combined with the fact that we're an hour away from a hospital, has made me pause on that.

So what's on the top of your wish list?

Amelia said...

Oh, my gosh, I would LOVE a trampoline but SAME STORY WITH THE ENERGETIC BOYS. They are nuts and I'm certain that a trampoline would be the death of them. Or at least result in several broken limbs. I think I'll settle for taking them to one of those indoor trampoline facilities when they're older.

I told Tony, ages ago when we adopted Buster, that we would likely never get a puppy - house training is not something I ever want to do. Kid training is tough enough!

My wish list includes a jewelry box, especially one that locks to keep tiny hands away and an ice cream make, preferably of the Cuisinart variety.