Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Spreading Christmas Cheer

I finally ordered our Christmas cards:




Oh, sure, you might expect the photo to be a more staged image of family togetherness and happiness, but this one is far more exemplary of our daily lives.  “Charles, get off the couch!  Charles, let go of your brother’s face!  Jamie, stop hitting your brother!  Charles, he had that toy first, play with something else!  Watch out for the dog!  Jamie, don’t bite!”  I figure the recipients of the card will either be amused at the irreverence of it or relieved that they’re not raising these two rambunctious boys.


jeanne-marie said...

j'adore tes commentaires et c'est tellemnet vrai . Mais pourquoi Charles essaies t'il d'├ętrangler Jamie sur la photo :) ?

On vous aime tr├Ęs fort

Amelia said...

C'est ca TOUJOURS ici: Charles entrain d'etrangler Jamie, ou pincer Jamie, ou lui donner un coup de pied.

bisous, Maman!!!