Monday, January 12, 2015

Sleep Files # “I’m Losing My Mind”

I realized this morning that since Freddie was born in July, Tony has gone on three multi-night out-of-town trips.  Whether the stated purpose of these trips is fishing, work, or “hanging out with the guys,” the real reason for leaving is to get some sleep.  Because around here, sleep is in short supply.


photo 3 (58)

Middle of the night


Freddie started out a better sleeper than the his brothers and, for a month or so there, he slept 6 hours straight every night.  Even when he was waking often, I could usually get him right back to sleep after a change and a feeding. 


No longer.


photo 2 (78)

The best place to sleep is on me.


Freddie wakes every two or three hours, gets changed, eats, and then fusses himself awake when I set him in the crib or pops his eyes open, ready to play, as soon as he burps.  Watching a six-month-old happily roll around in his crib, playing with his toes at 2 am is the pits.  I can’t go to bed because he screams when I leave the room.


photo 1 (78)

We all need a nap.

It’s probably teeth.  Which is a short way of saying, “there’s shit-all I can do about it.”


photo 4 (18)

Let them eat avocado.


Thankfully, Freddie is the third child.  This, too, shall pass.  I hope.

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