Monday, February 9, 2015

Styled By Charles

There’s an article making the rounds of the Facewebs called something like “I Let My Toddler Dress Me For A Week.”  Shit, I’ve been letting my kids dress me since they were old enough to express an opinion.  Those boys prefer me to wear dresses, shirts with flowers, and the colors pink and purple.  It’s tough to argue with that.


Recently, I took Charles shopping with me for an auction dress.  It was after dinner, just the two of us – almost a quick mommy/Charles date, a treat to stay up later than usual and have me all to himself.  We walked into Dress Barn (an underappreciated store, in my opinion) and Charles immediately chose a fit-and-flare, sort of retro dress with big, pink flowers.  He wouldn’t even let my try on another dress.


He helped me zip up the back.


He asked me to twirl in front of the mirrors.


He said it was the prettiest dress in the whole store and that I would be the prettiest mommy at the auction when I wore it.


He told me to buy it and I did.


I chose to let my heart melt instead of assuming it was all a ploy to get us in and out of a dress store as fast as possible.


Turns out, the kid has good taste.


photo (33)


He’s lucky I didn’t make him go shoe shopping with me.

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