Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Aaaand, We’re Clear.

Just like that, late nights with a teething baby aside, things feel so much better.


photo 5 (11)

Tony’s going to need more recovery time. 


Every year, it feels like it couldn’t get any worse, and then it does get worse, and then all of a sudden, it’s all better.  Tax season is a bitch and I KNOW I complain a lot, but it seriously sucks balls.  Never again will I have a nursing baby during tax season, though, so I’m hoping that it will only get easier to handle from here on out.

  photo 2 (99)

 photo 3 (76)   Hooray!  Daddy’s home!

And now here we are, just starting the season of sunshine and baseball, bikes and walks to the park, barbeques in the backyard with friends, and sunscreen.  So much sunscreen.  Skin cancer is a foolish thing to die from, you know?


photo 4 (32)


Guess what else happened while we were all strung out on too little sleep and too much work?  This guy turned nine months old, complete with weigh-in and measurement and confirmation from the doctor that he is the cutest baby alive:


photo (37)

Who, me?


He weighs almost 20 pounds and is some length (28.5 inches?  I think?  Poor third child…) that is healthy and normal.  In fact, he’s right where Jamie was at this point in his life, a fact I know because I can look back at old photos and see Jamie wearing the same clothes that Freddie is wearing now.


photo (38)


Speaking of Jamie, he is Freddie’s favorite person in the whole world right now.  He puts on a show for his little brother and Freddie encourages him with laughs and shrieks and giggles.  They’ll probably fight like cats and dogs later in life (dogs win, of course), but for now, they are best friends.


photo 1 (100)


Sometimes I think, three kids, what was I thinking?  Other times I think, three brothers, they are so lucky.

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