Thursday, August 6, 2015

More Conversations with Jamie

While my last post was an entirely imagined conversation between myself and my one-year-old, Jamie actually said the following things:


photo 3 (95)



Jamie: “You don’t want a penis on your head.”


Me: …


Jamie: “Because then you would pee in your hair!”


I suppose someone has to think about these things.



photo 4 (44)



Jamie: “When I’m big like daddy, I’m going to live here!”


Me: “With me?”


Jamie: “Yep!  But we need to get a bigger bed.  This is a double, but we will need a triple and I will sleep on this side.  You will sleep in the middle.”


My future is awkward.


Jamie: “I want my name to be JamieFour.”


Me: “JamieFour?”


Jamie: “Yes, I want the whole world to know how old I am.”


Me: “So next year, would you be JamieFive?”


Jamie: “Yes, and then JamieSix, then JamieSeven, then JamieEight, all the way to JamieTwenty!”


Presumably, after age 20, people will just think he is “old.”


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