Saturday, April 26, 2008

For Your Viewing Pleasure

No one reads words anymore, so here are some photos of late...

Me and Loris in the Tulip Fields, 4-12-08

My beautiful mum, who matched the pink tulips...

The following are photos from our California trip. We didn't take too many because we spent a lot of time hanging out and talking (sooo nice). However, we did take the dogs swimming...

Now, doesn't that look relaxing?

On Thursday night (2 days post-tax season), Megan, Tony & I made whiny Scott (who is old and tired, apparently) go to a local booze joint to revel in the karaoke madness that Megan had seen advertised there. When we arrived, the place was silent. The bartender (owner?) clued us in that the karaoke person hadn't shown up, but all the equipment, music, and songbooks were there, so if we could make it work, we could sing. With a little help from the local sheriff's deputy-- who drove to the bar on an ATV, incidentally-- and the alcohol that began to flow freely thanks to Megan buying a round for the whole bar for less than 40 bucks (we were in the sticks), we soon had the place jumping. Scott came out of his melancholy coma when he found he was needed to run the electronics, and Tony got the crowd going with some Bon Jovi, GnR, etc. Here he is doing his "guitar solo" with the microphone:

On Friday we traveled a bit around the area, and I didn't take many photos, but on Saturday, we went to a cave in Volcano, a town close to where Scott & Megan live. The cave was almost entirely marble and pretty awesome.

My favorite Caveman...

Then, I was the designated driver for a whirlwind tour of wineries, hooray!

We left on Sunday, waaay early, but not before one last night hanging out with Scott & Megan on their porch, watching the dogs exhaust themselves running up and down the hill.

Who says Buster isn't a lap dog?

Well, now it is April 26, Tony's on a boat in the San Juan Islands somewhere and I just got finished cleaning out my closet of all the things that are getting too tight or will be too tight by the time they are in season (good-bye summer dresses, shorts, and tank tops). I feel like a cow, and that is why you will see no photos of me anytime soon. My jeans don't snap anymore and my shirts aren't big enough to accomodate my growing breasts. Truly, this is about the most depressing thing I have ever gone through, and I can't even drink to make myself feel better (let alone do a hard workout-- also off-limits). I have been surrounded over the past couple of years with women who have looked no different than usual for the first 4 months of pregnancy, and here I am, 11 weeks along, and I can't fit into pants anymore. I try to play it off like I'm okay with that, but I'm not. I feel fat and ugly, and nothing you can say about "all pregnancies are different" will help-- it's bullshit, because if that were the case, why have all these other ladies managed to stay thin for so long? I am a freak, and a fat one at that.

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Mom and Dad said...

The pictures are great of california. Sounds like you all were the bell of the ball as I would expect no less and made a party where there might not have been one. Good for you!! did Scott do Mustang Sally???? Wish I could wave a magic wand to make you feel better about how you see yourself, but that is up to you. As the fairy god mother I would say, "Bling!" Thanks for the pictures in the tulips - Guess you could say we tiptoed through them?