Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Rock? I thought that was just my new umbrella...

Greetings interweb viewers,

Tax season is officially over. We successfully took a post-tax season vacation and resumed work on Monday. Some people wouldn't consider 30hrs in a car a vacation, but it was nice to just hang out with Amelia. We both love road trips and Buster is a great car dog. He very much fits in our family that way.

We have established quite the summer agenda for ourselves and now that I am home (more than just to sleep), it seems that these things can actually be accomplished. We have several weddings to attend, a kitchen to remodel and the many things that one must do in preparation of a permanent houseguest (i.e. child). On top of these minor things, there are many rounds of golf that must be played, triathlons in which to compete, networking events to attend and various items to be BBQ' know...important stuff.

So consider me officially back among the living. Sorry no pics to post. They will be coming soon to a blog near you. Namely, this one.

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