Friday, December 19, 2008

I started writing this at 5 am...

We finally left the house yesterday... the snow here is downright nuts! But then, prompted by a question from my dad, we got to thinkin' (a dangerous game around here). We have had a pretty major snowstorm up here 4 out of the last five years. At this point, I am thinking we should buy a snow shovel and some sleds so that next year, when Charles is a bit older and bigger, we can really enjoy it! Which is really not to say that we haven't enjoyed the snow - watching Buster tear through it is pure mirth. Also, we made cookies! What has made being cooped up most bearable, though, is that Charles has really changed lately. For one thing, we are about to get off of the Diaper Rash Party Bus. Plus, he is more alert when he is awake, and has been sleeping A LOT during his most recent growth spurt (still up every two hours to eat, and he ABHORS a wet or dirty diaper, but nonetheless, it means lots of precious cuddle time with mommy and less overall sleep deprivation), which makes it easy for me to get things done. He has done this funny thing where he chubs up real good for a few days and then grows, getting all skinny (relatively) again. His feet are now reaching the bottoms of his 3-6 month pyjamas! I wonder if early growth is any indicator of later height? It would be fun to have a tall son. Oh, yeah, and Charles is holding his head up and I even got a real smile this morning! Only one, but still, it was sooo amazing!

The reason we left the house yesterday? A friend of ours is on bedrest at 33 weeks. It reminds me how extremely fortunate I was in my pregnancy - all gigantor-ness aside, I was happy to make it to full term and not have to deal with any problems.

Here are some recent photos:


chasecarole said...

What a doll! I'm glad that things are settling down somewhat. In another few weeks you'll really have your groove down and you'll start to feel like you're a pro at this parenting thing. Isn't it amazing how much a little sleep can do?

I hope Charles likes snow better than Michael does. I thought Michael would love it but today when I bundled him up and took him out in it he absolutely shrieked and cried, yelling, "No! No! Dirty! Messy! Go inside!" He does not want to touch it, see it, or even have snow mentioned in his presence.

Oy vey. Kids.

K Schimmy said...

It's fun to dress them up when they have no control over what they wear! Mom got Ruary a striped elf suit and I'm sure it will be responsible for a couple therapy sessions later on.

I'm glad to hear that the rash is subsiding. Enjoy!

Stephanie said...

I love the snowsuit! So cute. :-) He looks so much bigger now.

My kids have never seen snow. One of these winters we'll have to take them up to the mountains so they aren't too deprived.