Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A post of lists

Things I have learned in the past 24 hours:

  • Charles hates the nose suction bulb thingy
  • A small child can produce a lot of snot when teething
  • The dog doesn't like it when Charles is unhappy
  • It is nearly impossible to photograph new teeth on a squirmy baby. Evidence:

Charles' overworked immune system while teething has made way for a bothersome cold to stuff up his bitty sinuses. The fact that he can't breathe through his nose makes it tough to nurse or to suck a binky, which makes sleeping doubly tough. However, I think we turned a corner last night - my little man, who had been so sad all day long, was briefly back to his old, giggly self, making faces in the mirror and reaching for the dog. I actually stayed in his room through his evening nap (the first he had taken laying down in 48 hours) to make sure that he didn't stop breathing. And, of course, he slept with me in bed all night, the humidifier going full blast.

Things to which I am looking forward after tax season is over:
  • Spending more time with Tony. Fancy that, we actually enjoy each other's company
  • A date night once in awhile
  • Watching Tony and Charles play - Charles lights up whenever Tony is in the room. Say what you want about mama's boys, this kid loves his daddy :-)
  • Running with Buster (after Tony's captain class, so we have a few more weeks)
  • Going to the gym in the evening when Tony gets home
  • Finishing a multitude of house projects, including gardening, baseboards in the bedrooms, refinishing the bed set, and too many more to enumerate
  • Picnic dinners on the back deck
  • Watching Tony's softball games
  • Reading a book once in awhile

One more full day. Tony had thought he might even spend the whole night at the office last night (*gasp*), but he was home by 3:30 or so. While I hear every move Charles makes, I don't even hear Tony come in and am frequently surprised when he shows up in bed. Or, like the other night, when I got up to check on Charles because he was crying and was startled to see someone holding him! It was Tony, back home at 2:30. He's lucky I didn't scream :-)

We got some great news last night: Charles' newest cousin (due late August) is going to be a BOY!!! We are ecstatic! We were truly happy about the prospect of another little one anyhow, but now that we know it's a boy, we can't help but be super excited about all the fun cousin-things Charles will get to do in the future:

  • Gang up on his girl-cousin, Claire
  • Play boy toys and games
  • Build forts
  • Collect gross things
  • Be daredevils
  • And so much more... including drive their parents nuts

Welcome to the family, kid. By the time you are old enough to care, your uncle Tony will have a sailboat, and you can come crew with your cousin Charles in the summer. I'll bake you my famous cookies, you can play with the dog(s - we will probably have more by then, as we will eventually upgrade our house and yard size), get super muddy and fish-smelly, and then go look for Sasquatch in the woods. It's a wonderful life.

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Mom and Dad said...

Sounds like a pretty cool Aunt Amelia is in the making. Makes me want to spend time there too. Charles and his new cousin will have a great time being boys, but I suspect Claire will be just as able to hold her own, much like her mommy and her auntie do. She does come from a family of fairly strong females. To balance that the males in the family have learned to romance us all. We are the winners.