Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Lemonade Popsicle... Yum?

Good laaaawd, it is hot here. Too darn hot, if you know what I mean (props if you actually do know what I mean {hint: it's a song}). I am totally down with 75 degrees, but you hit 90 and I am out. I mean it. Out.

Did I tell you that Charles seems to have hay fever? He woke up from his nap this morning with an epic amount of snot encrusted around his nose. His eyes are red like he's smokin' the doob, and I don't think he enjoys the heat much. When he is hot he goes from happy to "Advanced: don't try this without backup and migraine medication" in a hurry. Fortunately for us, he seems to enjoy the sunscreen process. And the backyard pool is a real winner - for mom and dad, too.

So now is when I lapse into "Charlie's Antics" for lack of other, more interesting stories with which to regale you.

His personality is really shining through. He knows exactly who he is and will turn when his name is called. He continues to love Buster more than any living thing. Check out this photo of Charles and Tony chasing the dog... make sure to note the expression of utter glee on Charles' face.

He has a pretty great baby sense of humor. He laughs when mama does something silly. He laughs when dad does something silly. He laughs at the dog. He laughs at funny noises and movement. He is ticklish. He adores peek-a-boo and continues to think other children are spectacular.

Charles thinks he can walk. Now, I don't mean he can walk, because he clearly cannot. But. He thinks he can. And so, we have entered the stage in his young life that is marked by bruises and multiple crying jags each day. Why? Because children who cannot walk and try to do so often fall on their faces. He has also taken up lunging for things, even when strapped down in his rocking chair. Today, he managed to turn the chair over on himself. He is one strong boy, and I have no doubt he will remain so if we can just keep him alive. Sheesh.

Charles is also more and more enamored with his reflection each day. The recent change is that someone (not gonna name any names, but his initials are Tony) has been letting Charles reach out and touch his reflection in every mirror. How can a baby have such greasy handprints? They're everywhere, marring every mirror. But damn, he has fun doing it:

Are you looking at his gut? He's workin' on it!

I had a lemonade popsicle today. While I thought it was exquisite, Charles' reaction was somewhat more, ahem, doubtful. See for yourself:


Mom and Dad said...

That so reminds me of the first times we took Tony to Seattly and met his Gpa and Gma Cook at Ivar's restaurant. In his high chair he had been entertaining everyone at the table. Sometime during the meal, Joe gave him some lemon to suck on. His face was the funniest expression most of us had ever seen. course with that reaction, he put this lemon in him mouth countless times so he could watch the adults laugh till we cried. then it was do the facial expression on purpose without the lemon, which made us laugh even more.

Keleigh said...

OMG. We're sitting here about wetting ourselves with laughter!

Mike, Keleigh & Wendy

K Schimmy said...

What fun it is to witness our kids' reactions to new experiences... not just fun, but HILARIOUS. Best face ever.

K Schimmy said...

Oh yeah... and yes, babies have VERY greasy fingers somehow. Know how I know? I have to clean my glasses at least three times a day because Ruary thinks my glasses are the bee's knees.