Thursday, June 11, 2009

You know, when snot comes out of your eyes...

Newspaper- world's best baby toy.

As our string of good weather continues, so do our allergies. And, I am reasonably certain, so does a cold to which we all succumbed, but initially blamed on mega-horrible allergies. Baby Charles managed to get the cold in his eyes, not something I knew was possible. I kid you not, snot came out of his eyes. Green, icky mucous, pouring forth from his little peepers... all day, and more when he sneezed. So, after some shrill screams of discomfort on Sunday, I called the doc on Monday and took him in. The snot's all gone now, thanks to the miracle of antibiotics. But really, the point here is, he went to the doctor and got weughed. 22 pounds, 13 ounces. Big man. You might recall that a mere month ago, he weighed 21 pounds. His staggering growth continues, and I am all around not sure what to do about it.

Have you ever known such a happy baby?

Tony is away today and tomorrow, leaving me overnight to contend with dog and house and boy. It's a bit different now that it isn't tax season - I rely on Tony for so much now, perhaps taking advantage after not having had the luxury of a husband for so long. Also, Charles is so much more active now, it makes getting things done even more difficult. Ultimately, though, the bed is just much colder without Tony.

Greeting me after a nap.

So I called 911 the other day. I actually witnessed a man kick his dog. The cruelty of some humans (I can't, in good conscience, call them people) astounds me. So I hope the cops gave him a good talking-to. At the very least, they now have record of it, so if he is called in again, the dogs might get another home.

Buster Dog, upset after witnessing his brethren kicked, hides under the peonies.

I have mentioned in the past Charles' propensity for walking. See for yourself:

A bit wobbly, but working hard.

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K Schimmy said...

Poor Buster. It's too bad he had to see that.

Sorry you guys have snot coming out of every orifice... we simply have the mild allergy/occasional uncontrollable sneeze attack issue around here. Drink lots of fluids!!! Hope you all feel better.