Sunday, October 4, 2009

And Then This Happened...

Yeah, so now he's a walker. No more than a few steps at a time, but he's making progress every time he does it.

Also, we went to the pumpkin patch for the Festival of Family Farms and had fun. Well, Tony and I had fun. Charles was tired and couldn't figure out what the hubbub was all about. I've helpfully narrated the following photos for your edification.

"Yay! Where are we?"
"Ooof. You guys made me walk a loooong way from the car. I'm tired."

"Ooh! Camera!"
"What is this thing?"
"Geez, pumpkins, big orange gourds, I get it already. Can we go home and nap now?"

"I don't like this wagon thing one bit. Take me out."

"These are scary. They're too big and they look old and they're the wrong color."

"Don't put me down, mama!"
"Seriously, can we go home now? I think I hear Buster whining in the car."
So then we went home and Charles and I both had a nap and Tony did Leland's taxes and then we had dinner and put up Halloween lights and practiced walking and then went to bed. The end.
"Wheee! That was fun! Let's do it again..."


Amanda and Izabel Rainha said...

WTG.. Congratz on walking. Now you will be chasing him around more.

K Schimmy said...

Wheeeee! Walking! Ruary is not as competent as Charles, but he took his first tentative steps yesterday. Ugh.

jeanne-marie said...

et c'est là que tous les problèmes ont commencé......... Bravo petit homme et bonne chance Papa et Maman

Sarah said...

Yay!!! I thought it might be soon. Way to go big guy! Now he just has to work on speed and Buster will have a whole new playmate.

Mom and Dad said...

It was so awesome to hear and now we are able to see him walk. Boy, I love this blog thing. He is such a cutie and now mobile. Oh boy. Next stairs. On the go, that will be Charles. with a big smile.

Tony said...

He can already go up stairs. Unfortunately, when he first started moving on two feet, I would walk him down the stairs. He still thinks he can go down that way. We're working on how to explain to him that this won't work and aren't having much luck. Good thing we have gates!