Friday, October 23, 2009

Vampire/Zombie? Camera 1/Camera 2? Plus Some Random...

Vampires... Zombies... so hot right now.

Which is good, because Charles seems to alternate between personification of one of the other. He bites, and it hurts. But we've mostly broken him of that. He walks like the undead, arms out, with a wobbly gait that doesn't look all that stable (though the girls at daycare keep saying he is one of the most stable early-walkers they've seen). He also moves quickly, much like vampires supposedly do. Why, in a flash! he is down the hall and hanging on the gate trying to get down the stairs (thank goodness for the gates). He comes at you with mouth open, trying his level best to get some body part of yours in his mouth. So, is he one of the undead? Only time will tell. Personally, I am hoping he settles on zombie, as modern vampires are a bit too effeminate for my tastes. How did Vampires go from Vlad the Impaler to Twilight?

Charles tried peanut butter for the first time this week... I think he likes it:

"Yum! PBJ!"


He spends much of his time walking and crawling between various items of interest on the floor, including two music tables, a wooden spoon, a tambourine, a metal bowl, and the dog. Buster tolerates Charles crawling all over him. Probably because Charles lets Buster eat out of his hand at the dinner table. When we're not looking. They both know better, but Charles thinks is the best game ever.

My mom is one clever lady. Evidence: she sent up a pie with my dad, but included a note that reads: "Love is not enough. Add sugar."


I heard uproarious laughter coming from the bathtub last night, so I snuck over with the camera and captured it... Charles was laughing like this, harder even, for a solid three minutes. I think Tony's arms got tired of flapping the towel.


The Mama said...

I love the sound of a baby laughing. So sweet. :-)

Keleigh said...

Isn't it great how we laugh as hard as they do–at their laughing?

Nice mom, leaving you a beautiful pie!

Stephanie said...

Oh Charles...such a cutie. I'm gonna have to come over and visit sometime soon so I can spend more than a few hours with you guys!! Miss you girlie!

Mom and Dad said...

Charlie has the best laugh and is quick to share.
what's not to love about a mom who says add sugar???? Great idea