Tuesday, November 10, 2009

It's My Party, and I'll Cry If I Want to...

Loser: Chocolate Ice Cream. Charles thought it was okay, of course, but it was nothing compared to...

Winner: Wild Mountain Huckleberry Ice Cream (vanilla and berry, yum!), which was my ice cream, and Charles ate the whole cone. Each time I would swoop in for a lick, he would turn the cone away from me. I gave him my cone because he summarily dismissed his chocolate cone by tossing it on the floor. I long ago realized that I will likely never again have a full meal or full dessert all to myself.
It's for a good cause, though... Charles' smile is worth depriving my hips of more fat.
Winner: Hand Puppets from Costco. They're adorable. Charles especially loves the penguin.

Winner: Toy truck. "Hi, I'm Chuck. I'm a DUMP TRUCK."

Loser: Cake. Charles was not impressed by said delicacy.
Loser: Party with lots of people. Whether it was the stimulation, the noise, the coughing through sleep the night before, or the tooth we are pretty sure is coming in (or has it disappeared already? I call it jerk tooth.), Charles spent a lot of his party crying, a little bit sleeping, and some of it smiling. I hope next year is better.
Thank you for all the wonderful gifts. We have had lots of fun since the party playing and reading (in French!) and playing some more.


Mom and Dad said...

It was a shame he didn't enjoy it as much as most of us. What is a good party if most can't enjoy it? A trait of our family, I guess. he was suffering and that was too bad. But his smile was always there.

Carole said...

One-year old birthday parties are more for the parents than the kids, I think. When Michael turned one we had a party with 20 guests even though Michael was horribly ill with rotovirus.

Happy birthday, Charles! We hope to get to see you guys this holiday season.

Sarah said...

Glad to see him digging the hat (I hope it's not too small), and the French books!