Sunday, November 1, 2009

Zombies, So Hot Right Now

So, what do a couple of zombies and a sexy sailor do on a Friday night? Party so hard the power goes out, that's what.

On Friday, we put our little monster to bed, gave the babysitter some ice cream and a PG-13 movie (which I'm not sure was okay, since she's only 14 and a real nice girl and her dad's a sheriff and her mom is in charge of the neighborhood watch program, but whatever, I think maybe I was meant to corrupt the youth. It's my calling, you know?) and headed out to the Skagit Casino, where we were the last three people to get into a packed costume party. The band was a pretty decent 80s cover band, and there were VERY FEW store-bought costumes in sight. Tony and I were zombies. Leland had such a good time he even danced with us. The winner of the costume contest dressed himself as one of those quarter-slot claw games where you maneuver a claw in the glass cage down to grab a toy so you can "win" it after spending at least four times the value of the toy. He had probably 70 stuffed animals stuck to him, a claw on top of his head, and a full joystick setup. My friend Sheran even asked him if she could touch his joystick. Which was strategically placed, if you catch my drift. The highlight of my night was having a seven-foot-tall transvestite want to take a photo with me.


Tony and Charles like to play this game in which they lean waaaay over to the side of the table. Then, they both try to disappear under the table, except Charles can't get under his tray, so he just closes his eyes and then Voila! Gone!

The following photos were taken to show how much fun we had carving pumpkins, but I think they do a better job of illustrating how much Charles likes to climb things. Anything he can climb, really. Including me.

This is a cake I baked for our church's Halloween party cake walk:
Pretty sweet, eh?
Charles took the dog for a walk:
Charles and I were farmers for Halloween:

I think Charles likes Halloween candy. *No, we did not let him actually eat any. Just play in the bag*

That's all for now, folks! Countdown to Charles birthday: 5 days!!! Big gifts he doesn't know about yet: getting his car seat turned around and an ice cream party with Mom, Dad, and whatever grandparents have blown into town by then. The big party with cake comes Saturday!


Keleigh said...

Thanks for uploading the big pics so we could get a real look at y'all! You and Tony make surprisingly good zombies. Must be all those memories of just about a year ago when you were sooo sleep deprived, eh?

Le DANCED!?! W00T!

Amelia said...

Umm, I'm still pretty sleep-deprived.

Mom and Dad said...

You always have the best costumes - Zombie to farmer!?!