Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Sunshine, Burgers, & Hats or You’d Never Believe He Was Sick

Breathe a sigh of relief with me: Charles is better, back at daycare, and I am back at work.   Ahhhh…


Last week sucked, I never want to repeat it, and I don’t want to even think about it anymore.  Instead, let’s talk about what kind of miraculous recovery this kid made:

February 2010 005

He looks downright normal, doesn’t he?  I mean, a bit peeved, maybe, that I put gloves on him, but normal and healthy all the same.  What, don’t you do strange things to your kids to frustrate them teach them adaptability?


We even got some outside-time in while the weather was nice, both at the park and in the backyard:

February 2010 008

February 2010 011

Check out that flowering cherry tree!  The scourge of our sidewalk come summer, when the sticky, inedible cherries start falling (someone once told me they were decorative, to which I just snorted.  Please, how is cherry mush and a carpet of pits under your feet, just waiting to trip you, decorative?).  Right now, the tree, along with many hundred of its brethren in Mount Vernon, is the scourge of residents’ allergies.

February 2010 013


Charles managed to lose over a pound last week, so when he expressed interest in eating hamburgers with us, we let him go for it, much to our amusement:

February 2010 018

February 2010 016

February 2010 017

Finally, to remind myself that before young master Charles started hacking bodily fluids all over me I dressed up and went out for the THIRD TIME in as many months, here is a photo of me and my fabulous hat for my hat-themed Rotary Auction:

February 2010 002

It’s not the best photo, but you get the idea.  At the auction, Tony and I bought a trip to Zihuatenejo, Mexico in May, so now we have a post-tax-season trip to look forward to.  And we’re not taking Charles!  Heaven in a margarita glass, just what I wished for so many times last week.


K Schimmy said...

Lady, you are HOTTT (that's right, three Ts!).
I share your ire with ornamental cherry trees... they are ridiculous, especially when you can grow the real thing. Grr.

Amelia said...

I sold a lot of $50 glasses of champagne in that dress and hat. When it's for charity, I don't mind being ogled.

Hell, who am I kidding? I don't ever mind being ogled as long as it doesn't get to the creepy point.

Though there isn't much opportunity in my standard uniform of jeans-and-sweater.

Sarah said...

I agree with Kelli, you are definitely one hot mama. And, your hat was fabulous. I dream of the day when Andy and I can run off on a vacation together again without kids. I hope you and Tony have an awesome time.

Sarah said...

Oh, and Charles totally looks like a little boy without all the chub in his face. What a cutie!

Sarah said...

I'm thinking of just leaving a few more comments, you know, just for fun. What do you think?

CrisPace said...

I think a trip to Mexico calls for a road-trip playlist.

Mom and Dad said...

Charles looked great this last weekend. He does look like he has lost his chubby chin look too. Kinda missed it, but glad he is well and you are too. Thanks for having me, even if for only for a couple of hours.