Tuesday, February 2, 2010

greetings from sicksville

I can’t keep from coughing for very long, certainly not long enough to write anything substantial.  And the brokenness of my thoughts as I take a moment every minute or so to blow my nose makes the idea of writing seem… ummm… hard.  I can’t come up with a better adjective just now.  I’m sick.  Tony’s sick.  Our heads are floating somewhere in the upper atmosphere, and food doesn’t taste good, and we need more sleep, but we cough all night long.


Charles is feeling better, and has a shiny new molar to show for his double ear infections and croupy-awful cold from the past week.


In lieu of writing anything more profound (ha! You all know I don’t write anything profound ever), I will post a couple of videos.  The first is Charles at his weekly swim lesson, I was away, so mom captured his fun at the pool.  The second is Grandpa reading him to sleep on Monday.




Keleigh said...

1. Shoo, sickies! Go away!

2. OMG Granda Roger really looks like a Grandpa in that video. Too cute!

3. Why does Charlie look taller swimming than he does standing? No, really?

4. Nice new theme for the blog!

Sarah said...

So sorry to hear you're all sick. Jack is starting the wonderful adventure that's known as teething. I hope your heads come down out of the clouds soon. Swimming lessons look like fun. Makes me want to go swimming.