Monday, March 29, 2010

Happy Thoughts

Tax season is over in 3 weeks.


Charles is back to happy-most-of-the-time and sleeping a bit better, since he seems to only be working on ONE molar, and the other three are mostly in.


We have a new playdate friend for Buster: my longtime friend Monica’s puppy Waylan.  Waylan’s sister Mayla doesn’t like Buster playing with Waylan, though, so we have to keep Mayla separated from the boys.


Charles and I are heading to Walla Walla for Easter weekend to visit my friend Stephanie.  Tony will get some extra sleep, Buster will be sad without us (but Stephanie has cats, so Buster can’t come – he eats cats), and we’ll enjoy some non-rainy Eastside weather.  AND, we’ll get to see Sarah and the kids on the way back!


My lawnmower is fixed!  For free!  Because I am so cute and helpless-looking.


We’re going to the beach for Loyalty Day, and I’ll get to scrapbook with my mom and mother-in-law.  Still working on the “before we had Charles” scrapbook…


I haven’t lost any weight on the new diet, but I feel pretty good eating lots more veggies and way fewer carbs and fats.


I’m taking a guest of Goodwinds to see the tulip fields tomorrow AND we’re having turkey burgers, which is awesome.


Tony told me to go spends some money on new clothes.  Now if only I had time… wait, do you think that was an insult to my current wardrobe?  No matter, I’ll buy new clothes and be happy about it anyway.


Cadbury mini-eggs… yum!  Fortunately, my grocery store was out, so I didn’t pig on a second bag this Easter season.  But there’s still time.


My French sister, Solene, is due soon with her first baby!  I am sending a big box o’ goodies to her and Chris in Texas this week… boring baby stuff, but I reserve the right to send cute things as soon as the baby is born and we know if it is a he or she!


I’m on the waiting list for several books at the library – it’s like Christmas whenever they come in!


I’m taking all year to look for the PERFECT Christmas gift for Sarah and Andy, and it’s super fun, providing me with actual incentive to visit garage sales.  We give each other second-hand holiday decorations.  Tony and I were nice this year, and we got burned with a hideous Easter bunny in return.  It’s so on.  My goal is to find something for a really obscure holiday.  Or at least something really crazy for a normal holiday. 


I weeded my whole yard and planted three hanging baskets.  My veggie seeds are ready to be started indoors as soon as the weather seems promising: probably mid-April.


As soon as tax season is over, I get to work my way through a bunch of spa gift certificates Tony gave me for Valentine’s Day.


Think happy thoughts with me!


Mom and Dad said...

Sounds like life is good. Looking forward to seeing you again. Know it's only been a few days, but... Travel safe and enjoy your visiting. Love ya

Carole said...

Somewhere in my parents closet is a turkey I made them for Thanksgiving made out of a cleverly folded and then spray-painted Reader's Digest. Shall I dig it up?

Sarah said...

Carole, the value limit is $5, so I'm afraid your turkey masterpiece probably exceeds our budget. If not, I call dibs! Mua-ha-ha!

Amelia, very happy thoughts. We are so excited to see y'all!