Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Cruise-tastic Caribbean!

I went on a cruise with some of my best girlfriends from college last week.  We reminisced, made new memories, got tan, and overall had a wonderful time.  I honestly didn’t know if I would like cruising, but now I can honestly say that I hope I take many more cruises in my lifetime.  I hope my parents start taking cruises.  I hope that next time, I can convince more of our friends to go.  And I hope that I can drag Tony with me next time, of course.  After all, he’d be more likely to stay out late dancing with me than anyone I know.  I haven’t lost it after all these years!


Here are some of the highlights:

Caribbean Cruise 005 

Dessert, night one


What, did you think I would post a photo of some devastatingly gorgeous scenery first?  Well, you don’t know me very well then, because food was the first order of business when we got on the boat and it remained of high importance.


A friend of Liz had told her that we should each order two or three things off of each menu (starter, main dish, dessert).  After all, the portions weren’t huge and we could all share and there was a disgusting abundance of food on board.  It took us a few days of cruising to be comfortable with this… I mean, it is a lot of waste.  But we also found that many of the dishes were just plain bland and not worth eating (mango cream soup, anyone?).  By the end of the trip, we mostly ordered the chocolate melting cake for dessert unless something else really looked good.


Caribbean Cruise 003

Stephanie and Amelia, first night


Later photos will have us looking much more tanned.


Our first stop was Half Mood Cay, a private island leased from the Bahamas by Carnival Cruise Lines.  It was, in a word, beautiful.


Caribbean Cruise 011

That’s a big boat.


Caribbean Cruise 012


Liz and I took a guided bike ride with creaky bicycles and ill-fitting helmets, and a hike up the highest peak on Half Mood Cay, all of 60 feet elevation.


Caribbean Cruise 014

Caribbean Cruise 017

The elevation was dizzying to the Floridians also on the hike.


Caribbean Cruise 009

Nearly 3,000 miles from home…

We enjoyed a formal night:

Caribbean Cruise 029


Do you see the strange white sculptures in the background?  That’s the “club” called “Hot and Cool.”  It had giant hands and feet all over the place.  We called it “Foot and Mouth Disease” and I danced there a lot.  This particular evening was a disco dance night, and I went a little crazy.


Caribbean Cruise 022

Oh, yes, there were towel animals.


Caribbean Cruise 031

St Thomas, USVI


Caribbean Cruise 036

It was quite windy on St Thomas, and my dress got poofy.


Caribbean Cruise 037

Arrr!  It’s Blackbeard!  At his castle!  Where they make rum!  Arr!

Caribbean Cruise 039


St. Thomas was the only island on the trip that was rainy.  I managed to slip and fall a couple of times, and I ended up with a splitting headache that night.  But still!  The pirate stop was a ton of fun.


Our next island was San Juan.  I forgot my camera and I borrowed Liz’s to tour the fortress with Stephanie while Liz and Heidi chilled in the murderous heat.  I’ll post those photos when I get them.


Finally, the last stop was Grand Turk, of Turks and Caicos.  The whole trip seemed sort of like summer camp for adults, with disco, hip-hop, and Thriller dance lessons, floor rivalries, 24-hour soft serve, Vegas-style shows, comedy shows, and so much more, but Grand Turk was like MTV Spring Break, only everyone is of legal drinking age.  I have never in my life seen so much pool bar booty shaking.


Caribbean Cruise 052

That’s me in the blue-and-white, mid dance step in the hip-hop class.


Caribbean Cruise 064

Grand Turk


Caribbean Cruise 068

Me and Liz, getting crazy…

We also participated in a three-round game of super trivia, and of course, being the smart girls that we are, our team won.  Our prize?  Nasty-ass champagne that wasn’t even helped by a heaping dose of orange juice.  Here we are right before disembarking the boat.  Now that’s how you start the day, am I right?

Caribbean Cruise 078



All in all, one of the best trips I’ve ever taken.


Stephanie said...

Will you send me your pictures???? :) Thanks.

Mom and Dad said...

What a wonderful trip!!! Great pix Glad you are home, but happy you had a great time too.