Monday, January 3, 2011


Is it the NEW YEAR?  Already?  Well, then it’s time for the resolutions, plans, etc.  It’s sort of a cleansing thing, in my opinion, to make plans, hopes, and resolutions and write them down.  It starts things off on a positive note and has me looking forward to fun stuff when the weather is dreary and the days are short and I am tired, and that’s a good thing.


So, anyway, I looked over last year’s list, and here is the 2010 recap:


We enrolled Charles in a baby swim class, and it was fun, but I’d like to do it again.  That story last year about the entire family’s worth of kids that drowned because they had never had swim lessons really got to me, and I also think one good way to avoid any future water fears is to keep him enrolled a few times a year.  Plus, he’s getting big enough that this time next year he’ll get close to actual lessons, which will be fun.


We did not do a baby gym class, though it is on the list again for this year.


We did not put Buster in an agility class, but I would sure like to, if I could only find the time.


We didn’t go to Hawaii, but we went to Mexico, so that was a good trade: tropical for more tropical.


Goodwinds has certainly grown, and along with three new employees and the acquisition of our largest competitor has come much stress.


I didn’t lose the last ten pounds, but I did lose five.  Yay me.


I didn’t plant new flowers or fix the flower beds in the front yard, but I did fix the fence-to-sidewalk strip out back, and then we did a giant backyard project that turned out beautifully.


And now, for the 2011 list:


That baby gym class is back on the list, as is swimming.  The tumbling can only help Charles to burn off some of the crazy energy he has during tax season, and I have a feeling the pool will be very enticing to me come April and May.


I want to visit more out-of-state friends, if I can.  I am going to take Charles to Phoenix this spring, which will hopefully help my mid-winter Vitamin D deficiency, which doctors now say really affects unborn children.  Awesome.  This fall, we would like to go to California, maybe do Disneyland.


I want to deliver a healthy baby with no complications.  And then promptly lose all the pregnancy weight.


I’d like to figure out how to separate our garbage a bit further.  We recycle everything that can be recycled, and we compost.  But!  Our local yard-waste program will also take pizza boxes, napkins, used kleenex, paper towels, etc, so I’d like to collect those separately.  Another garbage can under the sink?  Also, do you think I might try cloth napkins?  Will this be too much hassle?  I don’t think it will increase laundry significantly, as we don’t always use napkins, and it would be less waste.


Oh, I have really let the scrapbooking go.  I haven’t finished up the year before we conceived Charles, so I need to do that before the scrapbooking trip in March so that I can then start on Charles’ baby book and hopefully finish it (or get close) before we have a new baby to document.


I’d like to pretty-up the front yard, but that seems rather ambitious for someone who will have a baby in June.  Perhaps we’ll put that one in the long-shot category.


I want to be a better wife and mother.  I do a pretty good job, most of the time, but does “pretty good” really count?  I love my family, and I could be more creative about how I show them (i.e., doing the laundry and dishes all the time might say “love,” but they don’t say it well).


So there you have it.  Tell me, what are your resolutions?


K Schimmy said...

I don't make them. My "year" starts in September and ends in August, so the whole "New Year" thing is kind of foreign to me. I just make goals for the next school year each August.

What company did Goodwinds acquire?

Amelia said...

We bought out Avia Sport Composites in April, bringing a giant set of headaches with it, including, "how do we not out-grow our cash supply?" Sigh...

Leland said...

You forgot to include 'better sister.' Bitch. Just kidding. You're a pretty alright sister.

Eric said...

Cloth napkins are easy, esp if you're doing tons of laundry. And get your composting going, if you don't already. It seriously cuts down on the trash, and it's even, dare I say it, fun.

Amelia said...

Oh, we compost - just about everything. Honestly, between the cloth diapers and the composting, we only have about one bag of kitchen trash and two tiny bags of bathroom trash each week. But we could probably do more!

Mom and Dad said...

Wow,your resolutions are grand. Wish mine were as productive.
- Like to get home at 5:30 each day, maybe make dinner 3x a week
- like to catch up with the taxes
- Sign me up for Disneyland....
- visit Japan and the Landon's
- be a more visible gma,
- better wife as you mentioned. And for the record, ANY housework is a definite sign of affection, but I still refuse to clean out pockets.....