Monday, January 24, 2011

The Return of The Crazy? AND The Return of My Camera

Those of you who have been pregnant know that “nesting” is real, and doesn’t deserve the quotes I put around it in this sentence.  It is NOT something that women made up to get their husbands to do work while we are pregnant.  It is real, and so is its cousin, extreme nesting, or, The Crazy. 


The Crazy involves major remodels, the kind that should ideally be subcontracted out.


The Crazy will not be allowed in the Cook household this year.  We can’t afford it, and I am not sure our dog would survive it (he barely made it the last time we remodeled).  However, I am fully embracing my nesting instincts and getting shit together around here because, man, we really need it. 


First, Charles has a new room.  But it still has old office stuff in it!  It’s not much of a new room at all!  What will we do?  Oh, believe me, I have plans.  The bookcase currently in his room has all sorts of my and Tony’s junk in it.  It will move downstairs.  We bought a new TV, thanks to a monetary gift from my parents who mistakenly believe that they should get their children Christmas gifts of matching value, and Leland got a rather nice (and much needed) tool chest this year, so, voila!  New 42”plasma to be delivered this week, after much hemming and hawing and researching and price-shopping and blah, blah, blah.  The old TV will go because no one in the family wants it, so perhaps someone on craigslist will pick it up cheap.  Then!  A new bookcase that I have been storing at the office and has since become superfluous due to the arrival of a nice, secondhand, locking filing cabinet will move to Charles room to be filled with the millions upon millions of books currently littering our entire house. 


A side note: don’t you love generous friends?  A great friend of mine recently cleaned out her six-year-old son’s room and her garage and has given us two boxes of books and all sorts of clothes that will likely fit Charles next winter, including two winter coats!  Some of the books will go to the two grandparents’ houses so that bedtime stories are readily available, but the vast majority of them will live here, and even today, Charles is discovering new, great stories.


And Then!  I am thinking about moving the futon to the office for use as an office couch until we someday don’t need a crib and changing table and the children share a room so we can move it back home.  But I don’t know – it’s a nice idea that anyone who comes to visit us could have a spot to sleep, but with that “spot” being in Charles room, and not really having enough room to fold it out into a bed anyway, it’s sort of useless.  I think it’s gonna go.  There.  I just made up my mind while blogging.


Finally, the garage is going to be de-cluttered.  We will purchase another rack and make room for things to be stacked on shelves rather than the floor (which will save me tripping all over the place trying to reach something that is on the current shelves).  Some of our stuff, like the Christmas decorations, will go to the office to be placed high up on the loft above the bathroom.  The new shelf will also have room to serve as a makeshift pantry, holding backup boxes of macaroni-n-cheese and Costco-sized boxes of cereal, since I do not have room for these things in my kitchen. 


I am so excited for all of this to start, I can hardly contain myself.  And it starts soon!  This week we get the TV and then everything sets in motion!  Whee!


Okay, yeah, my camera was in my car (hey, the camera case is black, the interior of the car is black, and I don’t bend over well.  No judgment on me losing things in my car!).  So here are some photos of a delighted Charles when we had snow a few weeks back and he got to sled and sled and sled in the front yard.


January 2011 003

January 2011 007

January 2011 004


K Schimmy said...

THE CRAZY! Awesome. I'm not quite in "the crazy" but I am making PLANS for "the crazy". Like, unrealistic, lofty plans. It's never good.

Is it unrealistic to take out our wood stove and replace it with a propane fireplace? Maybe, but "the crazy" has told me I need to do it. NOW.

Amelia said...

I'll advocate for your plans! The propane is probably healthier and cheaper and doesn't involve cutting wood...
The Crazy is never "unrealistic" - just ambitious :-)

Tony said...

Never? That's being pretty forgiving:).