Sunday, October 23, 2011


Three Months 025

I’m sensing a recurring theme: Jamie tolerates Charles.  Oh, he bestows many of his smiles on his gregarious older brother who tries to involve him in everything, but he is wary (and with good reason – Charles wouldn’t deliberately hurt him, but he doesn’t know his own strength and frequently tries to pick up Jamie).  Every night, every single night, Charles asks for Jamie to sleep with him.  We agree to let Jamie lie in bed with Charles until story time is over, at which point, Charles says “leave, Mommy, let Jamie stay with me.  Go downstairs.”


I am thankful for Charles’ doting on Jamie.  But I am also watchful.



Who can help me?  I’ve been doing Baby Boot Camp for several weeks now, and it is a HARD workout.  Not such that it hurts at the time, and the exercises are gentle so as not to harm my postpartum body, but I am frequently sore the next day and I definitely sweat during the hour-long class.


Here’s the problem: although I drink what seem to be gallons of water before, during, and after the class, I almost always get a killer headache the next day.  Last Wednesday (class is on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday mornings), I ended up in bed with a migraine most of the day.  Luckily, Jamie is going through a bit of a growth spurt (his cheeks have become so chubby in the past few days!) and he wanted to sleep most of the afternoon with me.  Today is Sunday, and I fought off a headache this morning.


So what’s going on?  I’d really rather not be trapped into a cycle of work out – get headache the next day – take drugs in increasing quantities until they work or I fall asleep – workout again.  Do any of you moms workout and nurse and if so, how are you eating to keep up your strength?  Do I need more carbs in my protein-and-veggie heavy diet?  More beer?  More chocolate?  Do you think the headache is something other than diet-related?  Perhaps I need more massages… yeah, that’s probably it.  Someone tell my husband!




Three Months 055

This is what he does all day lately.  Sleep and sleep and sleep and sleep.  If I sleep with him, he won’t even wake up when his diaper is soaked and leaking through.  Sometimes, as long as I keep hold of him while I’m doing it, he won’t even wake up when I change him and bring him back to the couch or chair with me.  I’ve had a lot of naps and read a lot of books lately.




Three Months 049

Charles took this photo.


Three Months 046

But I took this one.




 Three Months 029

And this guy rolled over from this position the other day!  Happy milestone!


Mom and Dad said...

I would suggest taking in some electrolytes like G2 to supplement that which you may be low on. Maybe that will help? Water is good too so I would not suggest lightening up on that though. The pictures are so wonderful

Chris and Solene said...

I agree with the extra electrolytes. Water is good but on its own it is not always enough. Water based sports drinks usually provide the necessary electrolyte supplements. I'd stay away from the ones containing too much sugar (the excess gives me headaches if my electrolytes are low and it's extra calories...). I had great success with taking small amounts of caffein right at the onset of a headache (a cup of proper coffee). It can go both ways depending on people, make it worse or help but it worked for me. Good luck with Bootcamp.
The boys look great.

Jennifer L. said...

Sports drinks are generally only necessary for extreme athletes with long workout periods. Perhaps a natural, homemade electrolyte concoction if you really feel that electrolytes are at the root of this problem? Such as this one:

1 liter of water
1/2 tsp of baking soda
2 tbsp of agave nectar
1/2 tbsp of sea salt

Combine all ingredients in water bottle and sip during workout as needed. No harsh dyes or chemicals, and minimal sugar.

I'm such a wimp and have never even done moderate workouts when I was nursing so I can't really empathize with you. Personally, if I equated headaches with working out they would never happen (not that they happen to being with, but theoretically speaking...). Which part of your head is hurting? Perhaps the cause can be better identified with research on the particular area affected. For example, a dull, aching pain in the base of the skull can be caused from dehydration due to the lack of fluid keeping the brain afloat, so the brain stem is bumping around. (Yes, I know that my example incorporated very technical terminology.)

I do believe that current research has concluded that chocolate and massages cure just about any ailment!! The more gourmet the chocolate and the more frequent the massages, the better the results. Good luck!

Amelia said...

This might fall under the heading of "duh." I know about electrolytes, my brain just didn't even go there. Thanks for the suggestions! I like the idea of homemade, especially because I can't stand the flavor of most of the bottled junk out there.