Thursday, October 6, 2011


After nearly three years, I thought I had my kid figured out.  But then, that’s what they do, they keep changing, evolving, growing up.  Their personalities change, if not their temperaments. 


Now, I have known, ever since I was hit with a little perspective during Charles, ahem, trying infant months, that he is a sensitive guy.  He wants people to be happy.  He genuinely cares about others.  He’ll likely grow up to be very thoughtful and empathic, much like his uncle.


But the care he has for Jamie?  I was, and still am, blindsided by it. 


You see, friends of mine have kids who hit and kick their younger siblings, who saw them as rivals from day one.  Not Charles.  No, he seems to understand that Jamie is, as much as anyone will ever be, his companion for life.  You’ll never know anyone as long, or share as much history with anyone, as you will your sibling(s).  And as Jamie grows and is more obviously a little boy every day, Charles has taken on an almost caregiver role with him. 


I left Jamie on the floor and Charles playing with toys the other day to troop downstairs with some laundry.  When I came back five minutes later, this is what I saw.  I don’t expect anyone but grandparents to watch a full minute and a half of Charles reading to his brother, but the whole video is adorable.



P.S. Charles dresses himself.


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Mom and Dad said...

Wo, that is very cute!!!! I almost understood it too. Love "The End" and the great smile. One of our joys was hearing Sarah con Tony into reading for her at bedtime. Good reason for them to share a bedroom too. Great video - love this blog

Lo said...

Love it.