Thursday, January 19, 2012

Not Quite Seven Months

Snowy days 001


He used to sleep well, and now he doesn’t.

He still doesn’t have any teeth, but he worries his gums as though all sixteen will come in tomorrow.

He likes bananas and squash and green beans and bell peppers, but not applesauce.

But he loves apples, preferably shared with his big brother.

Snowy days 039

He loves his big brother.

He kicks and flails his feet madly whenever someone he likes comes near.

He likes everyone.

He especially likes the dog.

He pulls hair, so I never wear it down.

Snowy days 006

He goes to daycare three days a week and never cries.

He can sit up without support, but he can’t get there on his own.

He’s not nearly as loud or expressive as Charles was at this age.

Which is not to say he isn’t expressive, quite the contrary.

He’s just not so… exuberant.

He’s a snuggler, except when he’s not, and then he’s not happy unless he has his space (frequently in the middle of the night).

Snowy days 017

He looks really great in all shades of blue.

His hair has a dark red tint.

He’s really ticklish.

He makes faces when he eats, even if he likes what we give him:

Snowy days 025

He’s hitting all the milestones there are for kids his age, and he’s on the big side (16.5 lbs, 27 in).

He’s mellow.

He’s happy.

He’s up for anything.

I love him so, so much.


Jennifer L. said...

And he's so precious! Lucky you for getting a mellow son! (I can't even comprehend that.) He's growing up so quickly, as they all seem to do. I miss the baby stage sometimes, but they're always in the midst of a fun stage no matter the age.

Mom and Dad said...

What a cutey patutey!! Wish I were there to hug him. Happy celebration!!

Julia said...

OH he is SOO sweet! That picture of him sleeping makes me *almost* want to run down stairs and squeeze the cheeks of my own sleeping munchkin. (almost). :) What sweet babies you have!