Monday, January 9, 2012

That Makes Me SICK.

So much has happened recently that I don’t know where to begin.  And yet, it’s all boring, run-of-the-mill stuff that goes along with kids getting older and new jobs and new years, except for the fact that I got horribly ill this weekend.  That wasn’t normal at all.


I had a pretty nice Saturday.  I took Jamie to a baby shower in Bellevue, and the drive both ways was nice (if a bit lonely, but hey, I don’t get much alone time, so I’m not complaining).  I went on a 2.25 mile run when I got home and then we ate a “whatever” dinner (as in, eat whatever you want to eat).  I had cereal, because my stomach had started to feel a bit loopy, but I thought it was just the rich shower food getting to me.  My in-laws showed up and we all went to bed.  Not an hour after lying in bed, I got up for the first of many times and proceeded to spend the entire night clearing out my digestive system from both ends.


I think I told Tony at an early point in the evening (before things got violent in the bathroom) that this felt an awful lot like food poisoning.  I didn’t really chronicle it much at the time, but Tony and I both got sick from something horrible at his office party a couple of years back and frankly, I’m glad we have more than one bathroom.  I just can’t imagine the kind of carnage that night would have seen otherwise.


Fortunately for our bathrooms, this time it was only me.  And I’m pretty sure it was from the cream cheese I had on my bagel that morning.  It tasted pretty awful, but I sorta thought that was just because it was the WalMart store brand, and I figured that I would use the rest of it in a recipe where I could cover it up with some extra garlic or something.  I guess even WalMart cream cheese isn’t supposed to be that bad.  (Worry not, it’s in the trash now.)


I missed out on Sunday in its entirety, as I confined myself to my bed.  I missed my kids.  I thought about how we haven’t taken enough photos of Jamie and he is really getting big.  He goes to daycare now, three times a week for about four hours at a time.  I miss him then, too, but he likes it there and besides knowing that the socialization is good for him, the concentrated time at work is good for me. 


Charles gets bigger every day, too.  He had to get a new bike helmet because his helmet from this summer is now too small.  He’s all legs, lanky, strong legs that like to jump and run and bounce off of things.  We are starting gymnastics tomorrow because he is MUCH too big for the watertots swim class we were attending (though Jamie is now old enough, so he and I will keep going when we can) and he will start real swim lessons in February, and I just really need to keep him active.  I’m hoping new, strenuous activities will help with his half of the sleep thing because… 


Neither of the boys is sleeping.  Jamie faked us out with almost two weeks of sleeping 11 straight hours right around Christmas, but now he is up all night long, in our bed because he screams as soon as he is put into the crib, and still crying plenty in our bed and with a nipple in his mouth most of the night.  I think it’s teething, but who can tell?  Tylenol helps some, but I don’t really want to drug him into sleep for eight hours.  And his cries wake up Charles, who also wants to crawl in with us and snuggle up.  It’s a sleepless world around here, folks.  And Tony, oh.  He gets so frustrated with the not sleeping.


So that’s it, internet friends.  Fun times.  Let’s hope this week includes less illness, hmm?


K Schimmy said...

That paragraph about the sleeping? Yeah, ditto.

Jennifer L. said...

Ditto on the lack of sleeping for us as well! But then, my youngest has never been known for being an amazing sleeper. I would go insane (and I'm not talking about the 'figuratively speaking' type) if my husband didn't take Henry into another room most of the night, most nights. I am still puzzled as to why my children seem to particular light on the amount of sleep they need and how they're ready to start their day when I'm still a few hours from that point. Teenagers sleep all night and day, right?!

Hopefully you got your nasty sickness quota for the year filled and can now enjoy the next eleven months! Good luck!

Amelia said...

Jennifer, I am SO looking forward to sleeping when these boys are teenagers. It's the light at the end of the tunnel.