Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Stuff and Thinks.

I’ve sat down to put words to screen several times these past days, but there’s just no time.  No time!  I’ll do my best to play catch-up, and then go on a bit of a rant before the baby wakes.


Jamie is not sleeping very well.  This is no change from before, but it’s really starting to wear on me.  I’m doing my best to keep Tony asleep since we’ve entered tax season and he is working a ton and playing basketball early in the morning, but God, I am so damn tired.  All the time.  What little brain function I have in a given day I save for work, so no one around me has the benefit of coherent thought the rest of the day.  Last night, Jamie was up five times.  FIVE TIMES.  He goes back to sleep fairly quickly, so at least we’re not fighting that battle.






We’re busy.  In addition to all the normal stuff one has to do to keep house, we have started doing gymnastics and swim lessons with Charles.  This gives us evening activities outside of the house to occupy us during tax season at least three days each week.  It’s also exhausting and requires that I have dinner prepped and the oven on timed bake in order to have avoid food-related meltdowns.  But Charles loves the activities, and Jamie enjoys watching (or so I imagine… you never can tell with babies).



gymnastics 2-7


I have a Kindle and I love it.  My library loans out ebooks.  Fantastic!  But.  I can only put 5 books on my request list at a time and there are always, like 35 people waiting for each book, so I request five and then I wait FOREVER for them.  I think part of this is because people will finish a book in less than the allotted 3 weeks of time to do so, but then will not return the book when they’re done.  Bastards!  Reading is my one form of relaxation. Well, reading and wine.  Okay, okay, reading and wine and chocolate. 


I suppose the solution is to actually purchase the books I want to read, but Tony might get upset at the expense after awhile.  I read A LOT.


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Jennifer L. said...

I hear you on the sleep thing! Henry (my youngest) started out as a fantastic sleeper. I was so impressed and figured that the third time was a charm. However, he's now up way too many times during the night (and we didn't get lucky as there is no quickly going back to sleep) and then he likes to fuss and squirm an hour before I have to get up, which of course means that I'm up an hour earlier than I need to be. Ugh. I haven't had any contact with my brain in ages! However, my older boys have been sleeping great and I have high hopes that I, and everyone else in the household, will be sleeping through the night sometime in the next few years. And the most horrible part of it all is that my husband still wants another baby!

Hang in there and compensate for the lack of sleep with more chocolate!

Sarah said...

Super cute picture of Jamie, by the way. Sounds pretty busy, but it also sounds like Charles has some healthy outlets for his eternal spring of energy. Hang in there!