Thursday, July 26, 2012

Reading List

I check out a lot of books from the library.  Part of the reason for this is my frugal nature combined with my voracious reading habit.  The other part is lack of space in our house to keep any more purchased books. 


I have several friends who love to buy books.  They love to have them to return to on their Kindle or on their bookshelf any time they want to.  It is a rare thing for me to re-read a book, and those that I do want to re-read, I’ll buy.  But if I bought every book I wanted to read, I’d have been bankrupt a long time ago.  And we would have absolutely no shelf on which to store another book.


So this thing sometimes happens with the library: I’ll create a list of books I want to read and then place holds on them- assuming that they’ll come in and be lent to me in a staggered manner- but then they all come in at once.  And then I feel pressured.  Pressured to read all of them, right now, instead of just returning them and putting a new hold on them for later.  Currently, I have 3 e-library books and 3 regular library books all waiting to be consumed… not to mention a book gift that I really want to dive into and the book club selection for this quarter.  It would sure be nice to just take a reading vacation for a week (not a vacation from reading, but rather a getaway during which I do nothing but read), but then I wouldn’t feel like I could savor each of the books.  Sigh… I think I have given myself the solution here: I need to return what I can’t read within the two-week loan period and re-request them for a later date.


But anyway, my idiotic problems aside, here is what I’m reading now, and I am loving it:



I resisted checking it out for the longest time – it has been on my “Amazon Recommends” page for months – because of the baseball thing.  Not that I dislike baseball, I just wasn’t sure I could handle a whole novel, and a long one at that, about baseball.  But here’s the thing: it’s not about baseball.  It’s just set in the environment of a college baseball team.  And loosely, at that, since half of the main characters (the book is told from the point of view of four main characters) are not on the baseball team. 


So I thought, maybe you have seen this book and hesitated like I did.  Well, hesitate no longer.  I can assure you that the story is engrossing, the writing is powerful, and even if you don’t like baseball, you will be intrigued by the circumstances baseball provides for these characters.


Janine said...

I am currently reading:
Paradise Lost
Zero: The Biography of a Dangerous Idea
Harmless (Douglas Adams!)

I have picked up your recommendation several times, but only felt mildly enthusiastic about it. It seemed like a long baseball story....but maybe I'll give it a shot.

Amelia said...

Janine, it starts out more baseball than it ends up. The novel also includes a girl struggling with leaving her husband and her life behind to start a new one, a homosexual tryst, a Howard Hughes-style descent into agoraphobia, grave robbing, and some incredibly well-written personality/growth struggles. I'm not a huge baseball fan, but the metaphors and symbolism are extremely well-crafted.