Tuesday, January 22, 2013

And Then We Super-Glued His FACE.

Do you know what will easily take your heart rate through the roof in no time flat?  Getting a call from your kids’ daycare that your baby had fallen and cut himself and should probably be checked out by a doctor.


Of course our doctor, who is awesome, doesn’t start until noon on Tuesdays because he stays open until eight pm, and of course I left my cell phone at home, which, after I left the office to pick up my child, would be the only way that the doctor could get a hold of me before-hours, as it were, so I had to run home and find my phone and then race to the daycare hoping the whole time that my child wasn’t bleeding out as I tried in vain to stick to the speed limit.


He wasn’t.  Bleeding out, that is.  He was cut, though, this tiny little gash on his lip he sustained while pushing a truck around and then tripping over his own two feet.  If the injury had happened at home, I probably would have let it go, but the daycare director put the fear of scarring into me, so we drove on in to the doctor’s office, where the sweet, sweet man met us on his morning off.


And then I held Jamie while the doctor glued his lip back together.


photo (50)


Phew!  We’re going to be okay. 


I’m telling you, though, I didn’t even need to finish my coffee this morning.  ADRENALINE, BABY.


Julia said...

Way to look on the bright side! Cutting back on caffeine! :) Sweet Jamie looks exhausted. Hope the rest of his day went perfectly (also, the rest of your day!) No fun, so sorry.

Mom and Dad said...

You know his father put a copper pipe through his nose and they glued it together....ever notice the round scar on his nose??? let him tell you about it...

Sarah said...

He's just accomplished a major milestone! First superglued wound! Congrats Jamie!