Thursday, January 3, 2013

New Year, New Baby Website

Thunk! Thunk! Thunk!  Is this thing on?


Oh. My. Gawd.  You guys.  I feel like a new woman.


The stress of the past month was so extreme that I’m sure I was no picnic to be around, but it’s OVER.  We have turned the corner, given birth to a brand-new website, and now, much like after the birth of my human children, I have to learn how to cope with being a new parent.  Some things are the same, but other things are different.  There are problems and issues to solve that we never even thought about before.  Ultimately, however, we envision that our lives will be better with this new addition.


You see?  Running one’s own business, growing and making changes, really is like having another child.  Sure, there’s no love and affection from my business, and there’s lots of stress and there are sleepless nights, but my business will eventually pay me.  I’m guessing that will not be the case with Charles and Jamie.


While I might have been a stone bitch this past month, stressed out, not showering as often as before (thanks to the miracle of dry shampoo – yes, I’m a total convert, I have not showered in three days and I’ve totally gained a cumulative hour of sleep, which is nothing to sneeze at), AND I’m pretty sure my extended family wants to divorce me, those kiddos have had the BEST mom this past month.  It’s like I was able to push all the aggression and frustration and exhaustion out of my body when I was with them.  I have spent more time playing toys on the floor, chasing small people with my monster tickle hands, and running around the kitchen like a fool (which garnered me several new bruises and a skinned knee) than ever before.  It’s fun.  It feels great to be the mom who has nothing better to do than be with my kids.  It relieves some of the guilt I have over leaving them at preschool seemingly all the time.  And maybe, just maybe, it takes away some of the disgust the rest of my family feels for me.


Dec 2012 022


Dec 2012 036


Dec 2012 074


Dec 2012 060


Dec 2012 070


Dec 2012 084


Sigh.  They’re getting so big.  They play (mostly well) together, without any major injuries so far.  Oh!  Except that Jamie has fallen down the stairs TWICE in the last week (he’s fine).  Awesome.  Learn some balance, kid.  And also, Jamie likes to smack Charles as hard as he can in the face whenever the opportunity presents itself.  Payback, I guess.  Overall, though, they’re sleeping all night long and they’re growing like weeds and eating like pigs and are just so damn lovable that all I can think is lucky.  So lucky.

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you look amazing!