Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Two Weeks

I got this in an email from Tony this morning:


“This morning was not a happy one. After multiple proddings, Jamie would not come up and take a shower although he said he wanted to. After I got out of the shower, he had a complete and total meltdown because he wanted to take a shower. I’m just waiting for today to be over so tomorrow can be a better day.”


photo 3 (23)  Pre-7 am chaos 

I know.  Oh, I know. 


It’s April, folks, and for a tax-accountant family, that means it’s both the best and the worst time of the year.  The best because we can see the light at the end of the tunnel.  The worst because the kids and I have been cooped up together for too long.


I’m sure the kids will understand about tax season and being a CPA later in life, but right now all they understand is that dad is almost never there (Wednesday mornings, evenings after 6, and Sundays) and he is always tired.  There’s never enough time to wrestle on the bed or go on a bike ride with him.  Understandably, Tony is short-tempered because he doesn’t get enough sleep and he works hard every day and our kids, as Bill Cosby says, have brain damage.


I want strudel toast!” (Parent puts strudel bread in toaster) “Noooo!  I want to do it mine self!”  (Jamie drags chair to counter, puts bread in toaster, gets knife and plate, proceeds to drop entire butter dish on floor)

(Kid wakes early to find that mom has already showered) “Mom!  I want to shower with you!  I want to go to your meeting!”  “Charles, I already showered and this is not a fun meeting for kids.  It’s a bunch of adults sitting around talking for an hour, just like every week.  Stay here and eat breakfast and shower with Daddy and read stories and play with toys.  I’ll see you tonight.”  “No, Mommy!  Don’t go to your meeting!”


I’m short-tempered, too, and I have to remind myself to breathe deeply, let go of little things and even some big things, and that I am allowed to start over multiple times each day.  If the morning doesn’t go well, I can start over.  If I pick up the kids after work and there is a tantrum right away in the car about who gets to choose the song we listen to, I can start over.  I choose my attitude, because my children are having a hard time choosing theirs.


It’s April, and we’re all going to make it.  There are even plans being made for after April 15th, and they don’t all involve a giant nap for Tony or me running away to Southern California or selling our children to the circus.  Nicer weather sure helps.


And you know what else?  I’m 25+ weeks pregnant!  You wouldn’t think I could get bigger than this, but I will.  Oh, yes.


photo 2 (26)photo 1 (28)

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Jennifer L. said...

That striped shirt is about the cutest pregnancy shirt ever!! You're looking GREAT!