Thursday, April 17, 2014

Van Family

As you might have seen on FaceBook, we bought a van.  It’s a 2008 Toyota Sienna AWD Limited, and we got an incredible deal from this used car dealer, which was a wonderful buying experience.  So.  If you’re near Woodinville and looking for a car, I recommend checking them out.


photo 1 (29)


The kids love it, more than I ever thought possible.  Of course, in their minds, we’ve pretty much always had our other cars, so there is an aspect of novelty to this car.  There are also countless buttons and lots of room – the boys request to spend time “playing” in the car (pretending to drive places).  Thankfully, when the steering wheel locks up from being “driven” too hard while the car is parked and off, I can easily unlock it.  This was not the case with our old Honda CR-V.  Charles once locked the steering wheel so hard that I spent ten minutes frustratingly yanking and pulling and trying so hard to get it to work before I called my brother to come flex his muscles and get me on the road again.


Oh, you didn’t know that steering wheels could be locked in this manner, thereby keeping you from even turning on the car?  You must not have little boys who like to make “rrrr-RRRR” sounds while pretending to drive.


It’s a very nice new-to-us car, but it will take some getting used to.  I mean, have you seen how long these things are?  And I keep reaching for a clutch pedal and the gear shift, since my Honda was a manual transmission.


Our timing was good; Tony was able to take part of yesterday off (his first time off in three months!) to go pick up the car.  We drove it to his end-of-tax-season party last night at a bowling alley, at which I did not bowl.


Then we came home to this:


photo 2 (28)

Top bunk – it lasted until about 2:15 am


Ahh, brothers.  They are so great.  Though in a few years, they’ll probably be more like this.

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