Friday, October 24, 2014


Freddie sometimes gets upset in the car.  I totally understand.  I sometimes get upset in the car, especially when the only snacks available are squeezy pouches of applesauce (I would start bringing my own snacks, but keeping a cooler full of sliced salami, brie, and grapes is maybe a little more than I can handle right now).


Most of the time, when Freddie starts to fuss, his brothers spontaneously start to sing to him, either that Muppets song or this song, which they made up themselves (the entirely of the lyrics is “like a baby”):



I’m not sure if Freddie truly appreciates it or is just always stunned into silence, but it works.  His brothers are able to calm him down, every time.


I, of course, nearly implode from the sheer cuteness every time they start singing.

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