Wednesday, October 1, 2014


It has been so long (nearly six years!) since Charles began daycare that I had totally forgotten what an onslaught of new germs can do to a family (oh, right, add this to the “poor Charles” list: a cold or infection nearly every day until he was 18 months old).  It began over a week ago with a froggy throat and hoarse voice which quickly turned to a sore throat.  Other than that symptom, I felt fine.


Tony, of course, took two days off from work.  Let’s all collectively sigh about how men are weenies and also about how when they take time off, they actually get to take time off.  You know how I take time off?  I put off doing the dishes and laundry until tomorrow.  I still have to DO them, I just “rest” now (still taking care of the baby and the kids and the dog and the essential tasks of running a household) and do them later.  And there is no time off from work.  I’m the only one who can do my job, so I go in and I do it.  Sometimes, I go in after the kids are in bed and I do it some more.  When Tony takes time off, he sleeps.


photo 3 (47)


Jealous?  Yes.  Yes, I am.


This mom job never stops, even when your kindergartner brings home a bug that gets everyone stuffed up and coughing within a week.  The kicker?  I can’t take anything for it because no decongestants are on the “approved for breastfeeding” list.


photo 2 (62)


I’m still sick, but I’m powering through.  The boys recently inherited a large stash of LEGOs amassed by Tony in his youth, so they have been well-occupied for the past week.  Turns out, my fall-back positions on dinner (meatballs, grilled cheese, butter rice, and other easy-to-prepare comfort foods) are universally appreciated and a nice deviation (from the kids’ perspective) from the normal, healthy fare I usually provide.


photo 2 (61)


If we can just keep injuries to a minimum, I think we’ll all survive.  Easier said than done, of course – Jamie sustained a giant bruise to his back when he knocked himself into the toy box and Freddie was conked on the head by Charles, and Charles, well, Charles falls off of his scooter and scrapes his knees and elbows every other day.  At least he now knows where the nurse’s office at school is.  My guess is that he’ll be there often over the next six years.


photo 1 (61)

Doesn’t this just scare you shitless?


The best part about the past week-and-a-half is that I have been so occupied, I’ve forgotten to be anxious.  When you can only spare enough energy to focus on treading water, it’s pretty easy to keep thoughts of drowning at bay.


photo (28)


Although, if I never see another steaming cup of tea again, it’ll be too soon.  I’d vastly prefer to drown my troubles with wine at this point.


Megan and Jeff Vogel said...

I was also a frequent flyer of the Madison Elementary School nurse's office! Hope everyone is on the mend and feeling back to normal soon.

Tiffany Crain said...

Welcome back to writing! You look great and there wasn't a disproportionate amount of picture versus prose. Prose right? Close enough! I hope you all feel better soon!

Margarita Primavera said...

Boo to being sick! Though there are decongestants that you can take while breastfeeding. I was sick about a month ago, and doctor recommended stuff with pseudoephedrine or phenylephrine (like Robitussin). Stay away from medicines that treat combination symptoms, and you can take a fenugreek supplement if you're worried about milk supply decrease. Take care & feel better soon!

Stephanie said...

Yes, that picture DOES scare me shitless. Love you, lady! Can't wait to see you!!!