Tuesday, June 2, 2015


I was sort of selfish on my birthday.  I invited a few friends and their families over for “An Evening of French Cuisine” and didn’t tell them that it was my birthday.   People got a bit mad at me, but it was exactly what I wanted.


I feel blessed that I have friends who want to celebrate my birthday, but I honestly don’t feel like I deserve it (which is stupid bullshit, because I would NEVER think that my children don’t “deserve” to have their birthdays fĂȘted by one and all) and that telling people that it was my birthday would somehow be akin to asking them to bring me presents.  I guess I think that the only birthday parties that are legit are ones thrown by other people.  Just like you shouldn’t throw your own bridal shower, you shouldn’t throw your own birthday party.  So I didn’t.


photo 4 (37)

Jen is my birthday buddy – her birthday is May 31st!


Instead, I invited only friends who I thought would enjoy French cheese and escargots and then I cooked up a storm.  We had a huge cheese platter and three desserts and gallons of wine and beer.  It was heaven.

 bday4 bday3



34 isn’t a milestone birthday and I really can’t handle getting all introspective about my life’s path this year.  Instead, I’m focusing on getting more sleep, being as kind as I possibly can to myself and others, and having fun.


photo 3 (85)

Another good night’s sleep destroyed by a cute baby


Also, I’m eating a TON of vegetables to counteract the massive amount of dessert I’ll be eating over the next six weeks: first my birthday, then two office birthdays, then Leland’s birthday, then Jamie’s birthday, then Independence Day (and a birthday celebration for Jamie, Freddie, and cousin Claire), then Freddie’s birthday.  Yum.


photo 4 (38)

Strawberry pie, a French-style fruit tart, and cream puff cake

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