Tuesday, June 9, 2015


I’m being forced to slow down and do very little today.  It’s probably a good thing, as I am usually so busy that adding one more task to my weekly or daily to-do list is a recurring nightmare (honest, I dream about it), but slowing down this way is no good.  The baby is sick.


Charles spent most of the day Sunday vomiting.  I kept him and the littles home from school yesterday so he could fully recover and actually enjoy his last week (!) as a kindergartener (blah, blah, passage of time, I’ll probably cry on Friday, blah, blah…).  I have lots of work to do at the office.  It’s stinking hot so I am barely able to function during the day in my sweltering house and I STILL get things clean, meals created, shopping done (it’s like a field trip to air-conditioning land!), etc.  But now I’m stuck.  Freddie started vomiting this morning, so I know I’m in for 12 more hours of trying to keep a small human hydrated and not lose my shit thinking of all the ways this could end horribly.


Perhaps I’ll get a nap.  Considering that I maaaybe got four hours cumulative sleep last night, that could be a great thing for me.  And for everyone around me, come to that. 


The thing is, we Cooks, right down to the damned dog, don’t deal with heat very well.  It got into the mid-eighties yesterday and I thought we were all going to spontaneously combust.  Freddie got so tired of dragging his hot knees on the floor that he started to bear crawl.



Neither of the other boys did this as a precursor to walking, but now it’s all Freddie does.  I’ll admit, I can’t stop laughing at him.


When it finally cooled down last night, the dog wanted out to run and play, since he’d pretty much slept the day away.  And he barked.  And he made noise.  All night long.  And Jamie was up once to snuggle with us for 15 minutes.  And Freddie was up to nurse a bunch and then he plain WOKE UP at 3:45 am, ready to take on the world.  I laid down on the floor of his room and let him bear crawl all over me for an hour before he finally settled back into sleep beside me. 


I keep telling myself that I will SOMEDAY experience eight consecutive hours of sleep again, but I sure would appreciate it NOW.

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