Sunday, August 10, 2008

Exhausting Ourselves

What did we do this weekend? Besides a long bike ride (Tony) and a beautiful blueberry pie (Amelia), we hiked a HUGE mountain, thankyouverymuch! Actually, not so huge, but a mountain at least in name. Yesterday, we met in Burlington, drove out past Concrete (east on Highway 20) to the trailhead at Sauk Mountain and began a 4.5 mile hike. And! I wasn't even the slowest of the group!

The hike was beautiful, and Buster had a grand time playing with the other two dogs on the trip. At the summit, there was snow and there were marmots for him to chase. Yum, marmot!

I let myself get talked into a bit of rock climbing at the top, but wisely declined to go further when it became apparent that my six-months-pregnant butt was not going to make it any higher. I had a lot of help getting as far as I did on the climbing part from my friend Jamie and from Tony. Yeah, it took one person ahead of me and one person behind to get me up!

As you can see, the only outdoor gear that fits me at this point is Tony's raingear! It worked wonderfully, and allowed me the fun of sliding down the snowbank on my butt and not getting wet. Definitely a better idea than trying to walk down!

Our friends Jeremy and Jamie brought their daughter, Avery! She made it up the rocks all bundled up.
The walk down, of course, was the easy part. On both the walk up and the walk down, since Tony and I mostly brought up the rear, Buster would race ahead with the other dogs, playing and having a good time, then race back to check on us. It was very cute.

And, finally, we made it back to the trailhead. I suppose doing a hike like this as large as I am is somewhat of a feat, because the others cheered for me and took photos. I was beat, and fell asleep on the way home!

Proof I was big ol' preggers!

I think even Buster was impressed! As for exhausted, the dog definitely wins the prize... he is still sleeping!


Sarah said...

Dang! I am impressed. You don't even look that big in the pictures. Seriously. I can't believe you tried rock climbing. How cool is that!

K Schimmy said...

Wow, you rock... I'm making old-person noises when I get up from the sofa, and you're climbing mountains. I'm blaming it on your wondrous youth. Good for you!

Mom and Dad said...

Whoa, me too!!! So amazing. Good for you to keep going and be so healthy. You didn't sound that tired on the phone. Those pics were fabulous too. Beautiful climb. I think you and Lynda should get together. Great going.